Let's catch some Fun Activities at 1 Mont' Kiara this December

Jingle bell, jinggle bell, jinggle all the way~
Wow who would have thought that we had entered the end of the month 2017 which is the December and a Christmas month . There was a lot of things that had not been realized for the year 2017. Hopefully there is a light for the next year. To give a hope before the time has elapsed for every moment. What if this school holidays? - we bring our children to have fun or do some useful activities while waiting for the new school to come.

For those who live in Kuala Lumpur, why not you go spend your time to 1 Mont Kiara in this December this year. I seen a lot of interesting Christmas decorations in this Mall which you and your family can capture several photos, posing and post in Instagram hehe. Do not forget #1MontKiara later.

Other than ber'shopping' in this mall, you can catch some of the performances of the Beat City X'mas Selayang Special Education Center, I'm pretty sure your kids will be entertained with their performances at 12pm on December 9, 2017. In conjunction of the Christmas month, It does not a perfect occasion if there is no Santa and Santarina, so make sure your children can spot the Christmas Darling', who knows the santa will give you some gift. Hehe  the Most interesting part you can see around the mall is the 'Walking Ornaments' , this time do not forget to selfie with the Christmas ornaments okay from 4pm on the 9th of December 2017. If you are still  at 1 Mont Kiara's do not miss the opportunity to watch performances from Snow Angels beautifully dance in characters. I believe your kids will be happy and enjoy with all the activities that took place at 1mont Kiara this month.

Cute Santarinas
Hey, santa where is my gift please ? Ho Ho Ho
The ' walking Ornaments' look like Benggali chillies hehe
In fact, there are too many activities that your children can join in Mall 1 Mont Kiara's. Most of the activities are held every Saturday and Sunday in December because those days are our rest days must why not bringing the kids to look at the colorful decorations, artificial snow and many more.

Christmas perfomances during December this year will be presented by children from the Beatles Xmas Band (Selayang Special Education Center), Carolling by Fairview International School, Mont 'Kiara International School and also Japanese Christian Malaysia. There are many various groups in honor of Christmas at Mont' Kiara will do the perfomances so do make sure you guys don't miss those and enjoy with your family O.o. I really wanted to watch the puppet show because it looks just myself as a puppet player.

Imagine if I am the puppet player
The Puppet Show

Music Show from Fairview International School, look at the cute chubby kids!

Wow So Energetic!
If I tell you what happened to 1 Mont 'Kiara now you must still have no idea - just why not bringing your kids here and enjoy this festive. Did you know that what activities are going on until Christmas Eve ? Check out the details itinerary below :

Interesting Activities from 2 December to 24 December 2017 at 1 Mont' Kiara

It's still not over yet, it's the FUN's most fun activity and may leave a trace of history for parents and children aged 12 and below ie:

Children's Christmas Costume Contest were happening on 9th December 2017 !
The Prizes:
Champion: RM 250 Cash + RM 250 prizes
1st Runner-Up: RM150 Cash + RM 150 prizes
2nd Runner-Up: RM 50 Cash + RM 50 prizes
Consoloation: RM 30 prizes x 5

wow there was snow at 1 Mont' Kiara..

Among the Interesting Programs on December 9, 2017

5:00 pm Children Station Games
5:30 pm Jazz Band Showcase
7:00 pm Children Christmas Costume Contest
7:30 pm Romantic Mushroom Magician Showcase
8:30 pm Rooftop Movie Screening - Arthur Christmas

There was a movie show Arthur Christmas the best activity happened in 1 Mont' Kiara Mall after the costunes contest, im pretty sure all the kids were having fun and enjoy their day ! Don't forget to come here and get some fun stuff to do :

1 Mont Kiara Shopping Mall Address:
1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For more details, 
Visit website and Facebook Page about 1 Mont' Kiara

But there is another interesting class happening here...

Please come and become MADD (Music, Arts, Dance, Drama) to participate in the experimental class on November 18th, December & 16th December from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. A program designed specifically for children to develop their skills in Music, Arts, Dance or Drama, this is definitely something good for your kids! Parents can come and get a better idea of the program and how it can benefit your children here 1 Mont Kiara!

Sign up now! For more information, visit www.XSPACE.my

Fuh, very interesting, do not forget to spend your time with your loved ones in this Holiday month !


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