#Travel : Yogyakarta 1st Day.

Time flies really fast, seems like it was like yesterday I was in Yogyakarta, trust me the best place to visit and I hope I can step my feet over there once again.

It was like 1 year ago or maybe 2 years ago, see I almost forgotten the date. I visited so many places in Yogyakarta. Let me started off with the 1st day over there.

After Arriving in Yogyakarta, I met the tour guide and we were directly taken to Grage Ramayana Hotel, wait actually before it my family and I were lunch-treated in which I hardly to remember. The restaurant called as SAPTOHOEDOJO (Where kings,presidents and  important people visit) It's an A'la Carte Restaurant- open daily at 7.00AM-10.00 and Open all year along, all food and beverage 110% Halal.


This restaurant is full with  graven images maybe because of the culture over there. They are  providing shadow graph for us to enjoy while we were having the lunch. Not only that, they have their own image with the old traditional musical instruments.

The menu book made me completely feel  like in another world.

You can sit and eat here with the relaxing space.

Stairs to another chamber which I passed through to go to their restroom.

So many keris, dagger and swords along this way go in the direction of restroom , I felt a bit freaked out if I am alone in this path.

Okay here I am,  In the entrance of ladies toilet, I cannot entered it alone, Keep pushing my love one to keep me company whenever I am the toilet, oh please, I frightened if the doll come alive.

Another art you can see in this restaurant.

Well, the food really not bad, I couldn't remember what food I ordered maybe like a bowl of noodles or something like that. You can see my family and I were enjoying our lunch, right ?

Before we left this restaurant, why not take picture around this area. They have good material of building in architecture. Many creative people over there trust me.

Next -We were suggested by the guider to stroll by Malioboro road - the main road, Malioboro Street, is always crowded and famous for its night street food-culture and street vendors.

Okay before the visit, we were checked in ourselves in Grage Ramayana Hotel and rested myself a lil bit before I move on to another places. Where the excitement begins.

Baby Rayyan and me in front of the Grage Ramayana.

The room view

The lobby of Grage Ramayana

 The bedroom

The Entrance of Grage Ramayana Hotel.

So in a first day at Yogyakarta had brought us a lot of sweet memories..
Stay tuned for the 2nd day updates.

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