BabeSkin369 Whitening Soap PREMIUM + Double Serum PREMIUM

Hello everyone ! How are you ! It's been awhile I didn't update about product review, not because I stop doing so but now I have to looking a very gentle product for my skin as I am in the first trimester of pregnancy. Sounds really bad but never mind I will be Okay later after the second trimester. I'm having super bad time in my hormonal changes. I have several acne on my forehead, they are not small but a bit larger as usual. I didn't touch or scratch them with my fingernails because I know they will go easily and will disappear from my skin as soon as possible.

Thank you to BabeSkin369 for giving me more than a month to try their product, I don't simply write a review if I don't see any changes on my skin, but after a month, the product seems really good on my skin especially when it comes to their "repairing booster and ultimate mega lift" serums. Both work really fantastic on my acne and on my wrinkles. Actually I can see the result for the 1st time usage where my skin felt really smooth and less oily after I woke up but I gave a try for a month to see what's coming next. The serum treated the acne but I cannot control my hormone changes due to my trimester, once the acne came out, I am simply wash my skin with the whitening soap given and gently massage onto my skin, I didn't massage more than 3 minutes and roughly because my skin is really sensitive during the change.After the soap cleansed, My skin a bit dry maybe because of the chemical of the soap but I slightly loving the impact when I have less oily skin and the acne immediately dried up. Once I toweled dry my face, I applied the Repairing boost as the 1st step and massage the serum until it absorbs in my skin, and I'm following up with the Ultimate Mega Lift.

You have no idea how the magic works, my facial skin slightly become brighter than before and my skin appears so much lighter when in camera with a better complexion. Still having my acne scars but it less the rough scars which making my skin smoother than before. You know I cannot skip the steps, sometimes I did I feel like I'm missing something. Once I remembered I will go straight to my bathroom and start the routine back as I wanna look gorgeous during my pregnancy. No more Bad LOOK or exhausted or tired look. Too many story to tell with this awesome product. Scroll below to see the product details and how I am going with the Whitening Soap !

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From left : Whitening Soap, 1st serum (Repairing Booster), 2nd serumUltimate Mega Lift

The view of the Box Packaging from the front

The description of the product for Babeskin Serums

The view of the serum's liquid, water-gel liquid and less color.

The whitening Soap Premium BabeSkin product description

Like I mentioned on the top review about the whitening soap, how it works on my skin, now I'm showing to you guys how do I use it. First, wet the soap with warm water, then rub it until it bubbly and directly apply on your skin and massage until it absorbs into the skin, but for my skin I let it around not more than from 3 minutes. Rinse with water until the bubble gone from the face skin.

before is left and right after the first washed, my skin on the right is brighter than left, the pores immediately shrink, the acne dried up than the left and the thing I love the most when my skin feeling so so fresh !

Recommended for those who are having bad acne and bad pigmentation. A box for A month usage. wee.  I heard they are many beauty bloggers try these serums and they love it including myself!

From my honest review for you all ;)

Price for the BabeSkin Whitening Soap Premium is : RM29(WM) RM39(EM) 50gm
Price for the BabeSkin Double Serum Premium is : RM119(WM)RM129(EM) 15mlx2 serums

For more details about this product,

Suitable for all skin types. Give it  a try first then only you can know the result.

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