Raysha Perfumes - sweet scent whenever you go.

Hello everyone, remember last time I did update my selfie photo with Raysha Perfume in my instagram ? Actually, I am not a huge fan of perfumes, I didn't mean I hate perfumes but I am more likely make perfumes as my collective items. But I always spray a bit of perfume after taking my shower, I usually less spray perfume if I am going out anywhere but will do if my body-smell is not nice during the day. Raysha perfumes  - has made me wanna try it because the cute little red bottle with the ribbon on the cap is so tempting.  It is likely my palm size and easy to bring anywhere.

Specially blend with natural high quality patchouli essential oil for therapic effect, enhance the health of mind and benefits in herbal folk-lore. I am totally surprise that this small red cute perfumes has kind of the therapic fx. I thought it makes someone feel easy going with the scent but its more than that.  Honestly, I am loving the Apple scent even I am not a huge fan of perfumes. Thanks you Raysha perfumes for letting me try this cute little red bottle.

Raysha Perfumes FOR HER is a long lasting Eau De Parfum(EDP) in Apple by Nina Richi.
Distributed by Raisha Resources

The price is super affordable. For WM : RM35 for EM : RM40

For more information about this perfume
Instagram: @officialraysha

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