Mother's day OMGfest! Miracle Night with Dato' Siti Nur Haliza

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Remember I did update several photos Dato' Siti Nur Haliza with #HaiBlogger on her second press conference happened in Menara KL last Thursday ?

This press conference is more to introduce the main sponsors, Nouvelles Visages in the Mother's Day Miracle Night with Dato' Siti Nur Haliza.

Every year in May we will celebrating the mother's day, and this year the famous celebrity Dato' Siti Nur Haliza will do her performance for 600 guests on Friday, May 15 2015 at TM convention centre (TMCC), Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.

This exclusive event is titled as "Mother's Day Miracle Night with Dato' Siti Nur Haliza" was introduced by OMGfest! an organization that has been well known in promoting the "Karnival usahawan." This exclusive dinner will celebrate 30 orphans from the Budaya Harapan and will collect donations for their charity funds.

Puan Rita Dato' Sosilawati, the managing director of Nouvelles Visages said that it is a responsibility for a social welfare by Nouvelles Visages and it will give a chance for the orphans to meet and being entertain by Dato' siti Nur Haliza, not only song performances but there will  have a lot of activities such as fashion shows, lucky draw and many more. Other than that, she said that miracle night will become so much meaningful for the mothers too.

In the miracle night for an hour will be host by Nabil and Angah Raja Lawak. Dato' Siti Nur Haliza will entertain the guests with her newest 8 songs and her set of hit songs.

For those who likes to join this miracle night especially Dato' Siti Nur Haliza fans are invited to watch her performance with the ticket price offered from RM3990/table (10 persons) until RM9990/table(10 person)

For more information dial  011 2626 1656/ 019 279 6275 or e-mail to through the online reservation or Please do the payment directly to OMGfest ventures, Alliance Bank 120880010083811. Visit @omgfest2014 in instagram.

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