Finally I am officially a Clozette Ambassador and Don't forget to Follow Me !

Hi everyone, my excited news for today, i am just officially entitled as a Clozette Ambassador today. It's actually a few months since I'm joining the clozette. What makes I wanna join it ? Simple, I saw a contest about an #OOTD and it linked to clozette the fashion social network.

Once I entered the and then I realized that I need to have a clozette account to join it, so I just registered myself into it, I am not seriously to join because I don't know how it works but because I want to join the contest, I am trying hard to understand how it works. Ha ha ha. Multiple statement here. Click the PINK button to access to my Clozette page !

How it works ? If you have an instagram account and set it as public - There you go, easy for you to access. Always hashtag #clozette or several hashtag suggestions for you to access the better categorize photos in instagram.

Still not really sure how? Visit for details.

And please Don't forget to follow me to get more real latest updates about beauty products and some of the fashion style from me ! Sure you won't regret ! Ha3.

Syafiera !

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