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Finally I am officially a Clozette Ambassador and Don't forget to Follow Me !

Hi everyone, my excited news for today, i am just officially entitled as a Clozette Ambassador today. It's actually a few months since I'm joining the clozette. What makes I wanna join it ? Simple, I saw a contest about an #OOTD and it linked to clozette the fashion social network.

Once I entered the http://www.clozette.co/ and then I realized that I need to have a clozette account to join it, so I just registered myself into it, I am not seriously to join because I don't know how it works but because I want to join the contest, I am trying hard to understand how it works. Ha ha ha. Multiple statement here. Click the PINK button to access to my Clozette page !


How it works ? If you have an instagram account and set it as public - There you go, easy for you to access. Always hashtag #clozette or several hashtag suggestions for you to access the better categorize photos in instagram.

Still not really sure how? Visit
http://www.clozette.co/info/aboutus for details.

And please Don't forget to follow me to get more real latest updates about beauty products and some of the fashion style from me ! Sure you won't regret ! Ha3.

Syafiera !

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