Dutch Lady Different Milestone Walk through Consumer Launch @ Sunway Centre Convection Centre

Dutch Lady Different Milestone Walk through
Consumer Launch @ Sunway Centre Convection Centre
On the last Saturday 18th April 2015 at Sunway Convention Center, newly improved milk powder for children and organized a consumer event by Dutch Lady with the family members.

On the event there are 4 stages for parents and the kids enjoying the activities to understand what are the milestones that children go through as they grow. Parents experienced an experiential walk through for different milestone.

Explore Stage (Natural body resistance) – Outdoor activities 

Create Stage (Creativity)-Drawing, playing with sand, creates building/items with boxes
Learn stage (focus & memory)-spot the different, milk magic and simple mathematics

Development & Smart Milestones

  •  On the stage Curious between 1-2 years old, child development on the vision is a necessary tool for a curious child. Example of smart milestones – when the child finding out how things work, imitating other’s action and interested in locating hidden objects.
  • Explorestage between 2-4 years old. The development starts to work when the child is freedom to explore to create the immunity support. Solving simple puzzles will be easy for them after they can recognize and pointing to familiar surrounding objects. Their brain can develop more knowledge when they able to match shape and objects.
  • They start to create when they hit 4-6 years old with creativity shown by parents when supporting a child’s adaptability and flexibility.  The child makes up new endings to familiar stories. Imagining new games and playing pretend. The child can build things by following simple steps.
  • When the children almost 6 years old, with better concentration and memory skill will create the good learn for a child. They can remember information and apply it in new situations. They enjoy board games and a problem solver in any kind of activities.

Nutrients are important for the children in every stage for them to keep growing healthy and have intelligent brain.

  • 1-2 years old children need DHA for brain development, Vitamin D to absorb of dietary calcium actively, Taurine as an antioxidant for protection eye and brain, Vitamin A for supports visual function and Inositol to forms clear eye lens. Vision is a necessary tool for a curious child.
  •  2-4 Years old children they explore a lot in supporting a child’s immunity gives freedom to child to explore. DHA, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin D and Magnesium are the required nutrients for this stage.
  • DHA, Vitamin D, Tyrosine, Choline and Magnesium work for 4-6 years children in Create development stage. The nutrients mentioned help for brain development, metal alertness, memory enhancement and helps in attention.
  • A child learns well with better concentration and memory in Learn stage when they are 6 years and above. Required nutrients for them must including DHA, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1 and B add more casein for relaxation and proper sleep.

During the event, there are so many activities were happening such as meet and greet session with a child actress, Mia Sara. Coloring activities, lucky draw, milk counter to try the newly improved Dutch Lady Growing up Milk Powder and Join Dutch Lady Moms club to enjoy brand new rewards including an insurance plan tailored for your child’s education.


To understand and find out how can parents support their child’s development:
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