#Service Review : #TRIPDAblogawards Going to a NIGHT Party Event with TRIPDA Carpool Easily In A Fun, Safe & Economical Way.

Hello guys ! So today I am reviewing the Tripda Service. So many of us don't know what Tripda is offering us the Malaysians, right ? So basically, Tripda is a car pooling platform.

If you guys want to know the details, you can go to http://www.tripda.com.my/ or you can get the Tripda application in your mobile play store. for Apple User and for Android User

From my experience with Tripda, actually there are so many benefits I can get if I'm using the Tripda service. I can save cost which I can pay to the drivers offer not more than like RM10 when the driver have same direction to go with me. Actually it depends.

I am a person who loves to attend any kind of events. I find it's so much waste if I go with my own car, because I need to pay for petrol, toll and parking fee. So let's make it easier, get a friend from Tripda who offering a ride to the same direction, pm them and travel with them, most importantly -
 I can make friends with them !

Tripda not only use for event-attendance like me, but Chinese New Year is coming real soon ! For those who wants to balik kampung especially the long distance. What are you guys waiting for ?
Just Tripda who are offering the ride.

Or else, if you are afraid to balik kampung alone with your own car especially the ladies- we might pass through the horror and lonely road, right ? So get a friend to ride with us ! I prefer human company than the invisible friend. Omg Creepy !

Okay Back to the Tripda again.

Because I love to make charts, so you can refer up here what is Tripda actually ?

Tripda is an online carpooling platform. Which connect the drivers and passengers on the empty seats who are heading to the same direction. Tripda helps us to transform carpooling into a viable transportation alternative. And the best part both driver and passengers can share the cost of the trip- means you save a lot while travel ! In addition, the main thing we can be friends ! Environment absolutely will thank to us and can reduce the traffic Jam !

Economical Benefits : Drivers can gain MONEY while passengers can save A lot of MONEY through the same direction.

Social Benefits : From strangers now you can be Best Buddies !

Environmental Benefits : Help reduce the global warming and prevent haze.

Cultural Benefits : Share the economy by spreading the culture.

How does Tripda Works ?  
You can visit http://www.tripda.com.my/ or Install them through the play store for Mobile application. For the registration Tripda only offers with Facebook-LOGIN. Maybe because if we know the person through their social media, so I think it will be safe for us especially the ladies.
And Tripda shows how many friends the person who are offering the ride. If more than 500 then You can be OK with it. If only 10 friends, just be Careful !
After registration, you can choose whether you find a ride or offer a ride.
And then Setup your trip details if you are the driver or select the trip where do you want to head on if you are the passenger.

Yeah Now it's time the ENJOY the RIDE, and don't forget to make new friends inside the car ! Have A nice & Safe Trip then !
Finally, don't forget to rate exhange - both will earn reputation points if you guys rate each other !
Just A simple STEPS, right ?

Example : If you are Find A Ride

Image source : Miera Nadhierah
Wendy, me And Sis Miera Nadhierah were car-pooling together to the Party Of The Century 2015 at Empire City. I paid Wendy RM10 for the ride. The best part we are safe from traffic Jam ! :)

EXAMPLE : If You Are Offering A Ride

If you are a lady, I suggest you to car-pooling with the ladies only, Preventing is better than cure right ! I am pretty sure you don't want anything misbehavior if you take a ride with the men.

For more information about Tripda
#TRIPDAblogawardsVisit their Official Website : www.tripda.com.my
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TripdaMalaysia

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