#Service Review : Me at BUBBLE GUM WAX Grand Launch at Casa Tropicana ( The Waxing Expert ) to make my full legs Hair Less.

The LOGO concept looks hard on the Wall, seems like a wax stick on the bricks.
Introducing : 
Bubble GUM Wax, The waxing expert Casa Tropicana - Let's make your body HAIRLESS.

Hello everyone ! 
I was at Bubble Gum Wax on the last 18Jan Sunday to make my full legs absolutely hair less.
Actually it was a grand launch of the BGW as a 2nd outlet at Casa Tropicana.
BGW 1st branch is currently located at Sri Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur.

I was super excited after Mamasan Tammy introducing  the Bubble Gum Wax to us through the Butterflies Project Facebook Post. Seriously I am attracted with the Black & White theme. And the bubblegum titled already showed us how chewy it was, right ?

BRICKS stunned the whole deco inside the BGW, Casa Tropicana.

When I was step on my feet into the BGW, the Bricks already occupied the whole space inside the BGW. The walls were painted with black, and you are gonna feel like in 1970s era. Usually if we see the bricks we might say it's unfinished building - but it seems like a touch of modern + raw architecture concept. But actually that's the idea for BGW.

I guessed BGW have around 5 split rooms for customers to do their treatment. The Artistic orange bulb helps the space looks more bright with the romantic lighting.


The raw architecture  made us feel like in unfinished building and I feel like stunned in the room.


What's happening in BGW Casa Tropicana?

To be honest, because the place looks real RAW, most of the butterflies took a lot OF photos during our coverage session. Me at the 1st session was experiencing the video shoot for BGW. I wasn't the PERSON TO BE INTERVIEWED but Sarah and Adrian were there for their experience in BGW.


The Yummy treats, Looking real good and great taste, but me I just done my tooth extraction, I forced myself a bit to taste all the candies, cookies and the cupcake. I fall in love with the charcoal noodles, absolutely taste great when I mixed up the vinegar and spicy gravy sauce.

The choc chip cookies were shaped with Boobs and butts, seems weird but those don't stop us to lick the cookies. Haha. The mini macaroon absolutely smooth and filled in with the caramel.

Everything just go with black, white and skin color, the theme is Win !


Me before the Full Leg Wax Treatment, Posed before take off my pants ! Shh..
Luckily I'm not doing the Brazilian Bikini wax. If not I need to take off the private underwear too.


All the BGW crews. Some of them are Sarah, Lea, Wendy and the owner of BGW Jesslyn.


The butterflies were here, Miriam, Tara Ooi, Grace, Aliza, Jenny, Arpita and many more. All the butterflies were so sexy and pretty in Black. The Top 3 from Left is Lea, she was my consultant I met on that day. She was from The BGW HartaMas branch, She did a real job on me, she made me feel painless and she was a really chatty and down-to-earth person.


Before I started the treatment, Lea cleaned 1st my full legs area, and then moisturized my legs skin with lotion provided in BGW.

Lea told me that the wax is from Honey, the wax is absolutely from natural ingredients. I don't know how to describe the scent of the wax. The wax feel warm after Lea applied it on my legs.
And then she put's white cloth on the wax and pull it really fast. For the 1st timer like me with wax, it feels a bit pain at first but after it, it feels so relieves when my whole legs feel so much smoother than before and no more hair left.


Well, as you can see, my right leg after the treatment looks real flawless and no more hair left than the left leg. It's been a week me after the legs waxed, and the hair still not coming out yet. And the best part is I cannot stop touching my legs because they are so smooth !

BGW gifted us the Bubblegumwax soothing moisturizing after the treatment, Jesslyn suggested us to apply this lotion after done the hair less treatment to reduce the itchiness. This lotion need to keep in fridge, well I don't know why, maybe to make it long-lasting. After the treatment, I applied this lotion, the lotion feel so cold and balmy and it is absolutely natural ingredients.

For my Soft Full Leg Wax treatment is worth RM86 and the BGW Soothing Moisturizing is worth RM56.


There is always a Promotion in Bubble Gum Wax.

Hurry Grab your CHANCE now !

For February the Valentine's Day - you can enjoy waxing with your love one at only RM99.
For the 1st timer Guest? Enjoy a Brazilian WAX at only RM29.

Rewards !
Refer a friend & get 15% OFF for yourself!

Just For HIM
RM59 for Boyzilian/chest n Stomach - ONLY FOR FIRST TIMER !

Bubble Gum Wax,
B-1-5 Case Tropicana,
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana,
Tropicana Golf & Country Resort,
47410 Petaling Jaya,

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday, 11am till 8pm
Saturday to Sunday, 11am till 6pm

For booking or enquiries:
T. 6013 788 0669
M. 6012 557 3266

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