#Event : What's happening before & during the Party Of The Century 2015 ? (34 RAW photos 2 edited photos)

Photo taken by marcsjy.com but I edited with photoshop, too bad
I didn't manage to take pic with her "welfie" because too many people were crowding her. cries*
but see how i did my Photoshopped seems pro right haha ! Realistic beybeh !

Hello everyone ! From my previous post about the Party Of The Century 2015

Yeah, it actually came true ! I met all the celebrities and the bloggers to hit on the red carpet and the dance floor. Basically this party was held to celebrated the grand launched of the Empire City.

I received the invitation from PR Sidney Kan to the media coverage during the event.
I was desperately to get the VVIP passes from Sidney and then I made it. And the best part I met all the amazing bloggers who did the same media coverage for the Party Of The Century.

It's Already happened on the last
Venue : Empire City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Time : From 7PM till late
Theme : The Glamorous 1920s 

Us a week before the party held, all the ladies and gentlemen were trying hard to get their glamorous 1920s look. Being a man is so much easier than woman. Tuxedo from 1920 until now still can be wear by those men ! If women you need to get a lot of thing from top to toe. Hairdo, pretty dresses, accessories, high heel shoes. Women just cant get enough with all the beautiful things, agree anyone?

Basically on the above picture was my suggestion what to wear on the glamorous party. I don't live in 1920s so I don't know what the women around the century wear and eat. I thought the women at the century only wear simple dress and polite clothes.

When Jannah said about the women in that century were liberated and that time women can do voting. Yeah I noticed most of them( in google lah) they didn't being sexy at that time but more to POWER and CONFIDENCE.

Congratulations to the success of Mammoth Empire Group hosted a glittering dinner party with the theme of #trowback The Century 1920s. With over 6,000 guests like Corporates ( from China , Singapore , Taiwan , Hongkong , Indonesia ) , Malaysian celebrities ( Jaclyn Victor , Adi Putra ) , YouTubers , bloggers , model , radio dJ and many other special guests.

I am super excited and the most happening part when I managed to meet all the ladies and gentleman bloggers during that party ! Thanks again to Sidney for the VVIP Sidney Gold Pass.

The Glorious Hall Of Empire City Damansara Perdana

Basically this hall is size like the Olympic Swimming Pool - Said BBL, The hall was like 3 levels and decorated with the real atmosphere of 1920s. Complete with lighting and audio system made this hall look so much GLAMOROUS with the gold, red and black.

At the entrance area, there was a classic car for the prop for us to take photos. Okay, on the top picture from left is Adrian, a celebrity TV programmer, Sis Miera, Wendy, Me, and beside me is Naomie, and the man with the white uniform is a photographer and the front of me is Aliza Sara. Most of us are the bloggers.

Our bloggers photo session before the party started. #Team50MY

Our bloggers photo session before the party started. #Team50MY

Basically, all of us need to register 1st to get the VVIP bracelet. So in the registration table for #team50MY was handled by sis Rabiatul Adawiyah And Mr Sidney Kan.

Our bloggers photo session before the party started. #Team50MY

Me with the classic cars on the red carpet.

From Left : Miriam, Me and Aerisk Ong.

Me while people were dancing and don't remember about dead.

The View from top 2nd level before the party started.

The view of the red carpet from The side of level 2

Me with all the blogger ladies.

The VVIP guest I managed to capture with my DSLR.

2AM were performing  LIVE with
  • You Wouldn't Answer my CALLS
  •  Even If I Die Can't Let You Go

The View from level 2  for the music stationary.

A speech was given during at the party about the Empire City.

2 dancers were performing their ballet dance.

Paris Hilton on the red carpet.

Paris Hilton was dejaaying her songs and other celebrity songs. Hmm I thought she's gonna sing but NOPE !

Me on the level 2 while Paris Hilton performing her deejay skill. 

Mark Vincent 's - Champion Got Tallent Australia warms up the stage with songs Beyonce - Halo & Celina ft Andrea Bocelli - The Prayer . Mark making us stunned with his voice & the best vocal on that night. Mark Vincent - You Raised Me Up

The Party Of the century Food were prepared successfully by the Berjaya University College.
The details of every creative skill on the food are counted !

Some of the beverages like alcohol, but for those who doesn't drink the alcohol things they can get the coca cola tin and Ice lemon tea from Heaven & Earth.







Thanks for having me at Party of The Century For more updates of Empire City, please visit :
Website: www.partyofthecentury.my
Facebook: fb.com/partyofthecenturymy

Most of the photos came from my DSLR, the photographers from the bloggers near me. Thanks to Khai, Ayu, BBL and some more for the photos taken. Hopefully can collaborate with you guys again on the next events.

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