#Service Review : MrLensMy Deliver Lenses for your pretty eyes based on my experienced

Hello everyone !
Anyone here a regular user of even glasses/spectacles or  cosmetic contact lenses?
Then you guys are the luckiest one.
Now you can order your favorite lenses with MrLensMy

Actually to be honest, this is not my first time ordered contact lens from MrLensMy 
I ordered last time with MrLensMy the colorvue brand in sweethoney. That time I won a contest in
MrLensMy #Instagram, I am such a lucky person.
That time I received a voucher, I ordered that day and received the parcel on the next day.What a fast service !

But this time for the Butterfly project #caterpillarchaptersayitwithaselfie review :
MrLensMy a bit delay almost 2 days because the order took some time to process due to XMAS season, bet MrLensMy received to many orders during this season, WHAT a great sale they made during this XMAS, Bravo !

The interface to the main page of MrLensMy

Before you wan to make your order, make sure you sign up 1st, not only you can order but you can get several benefits after you sign up. Want to know the benefits, do sign up now !

All of these were MrLensMy Best sellers including offered lenses to the caterpillars butterfly project the Freshlook Illuminate with 2 choices of colors : Jet Black & Rich Brown.

There are 10 lenses in a box and it is a daily disposable replacement.
I love this lens because I don't even need to rub the lenses everytime I want to keep in the lenses box.
Just pull the lenses from you eyes and throw in the rubbish basket. Then you are done ! Hee !
Easy and the new lenses usually have anti-bacterias. So don't need to worry at all !

I ordered my  Freshlook Illuminate in Rich Brown with left power 1.5 & right 1.75.
Now I can see the skies clearly with fresh look illuminate disposable lenses in rich brown without using my spectacles. Just nice !

The packaging is neat and clean

MrLensMy delivered not only lenses but a candy as a sweet treat
2 boxes for 10 days usage. aww so cute !

Always trust the MrLensMy 100%

Okay my eyes under protected with the illuminate lenses with powerful power.
(Disclaimer : Lazy to edit my acnes face so let them be) hehe !
Overall, I am totally love this Lenses Delivery Service, Fast & Durable !
And now I am enjoying my fresh look illuminate disposable lenses in rich brown
without any hesitation !

I've tried their service what about you guys ?!
Mr. Lens Website: www.mrlens.com.my
Mr. Lens Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/MrLens.my
The Butterfly Project Website: www.butterflyprojectmalaysia.com
The Butterfly Project Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia

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