#Product Review : Shizens Lip Tattoo ( Lip Pigments ) every beauty bloggers should own ! Recommended for those who wants to achieve natural pink color on the lip!

Hello pretty butterfly bloggers !
Annyeong Haseyo (안녕하세요)
Eoseo oseyo (어서 오세요) to my blog once again !
Here is my full review on one of the Shizen's star product ! 

So basically I've heard Shizes came far away from Korea and Shizens Offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic & Skincare Products such Eye Charm, Lip Painter and Liposome Fair Refining Essence are Shizens best-selling products.

Shizens as a growing cosmetics and skin care company is targeting the Asian ladies who live in Malaysia. Shizens gave us the butterflies their best-selling lip tattoo for us to try on and do review.

Actually before my Butterfly project XMAS party was held. I've already tried Shizens lip tattoo at Sunway Pyramid where the sales boy requested me to apply on hand's skin. But at that time I am super late to attend an event. So I couldn't take my time to hear his explanation about this awesome product ! But now I'm back to do review on Shizens Lip Tattoo.

Shizens the lip tattoo front  view
Shizen the lip tattoo back view
Shizens the inside bud applier view
I swatch several amount on my skin's hand to see the changes of the
white liquid to natural pink according to the changes
body heat temperature.

My 1st picture on the top left : My lip without Shizens lip tattoo, absolutely pale
My 2nd picture on the top right : I applying several amount of the white liquid on my lip
My 3rd picture the bottom left : Waiting the color to change into natural pink
My 4th picture the bottom right : The color turned into my natural smooth pink.
Haha maybe I have warm heart so the color is really natural smooth pink.
Not so bright but I look alive now.
After several minutes let's say like 10 minutes, the shizens lip tattoo white liquid start to becoming more
daring pink. Maybe because of the changes on my body heat temperature.

What I love about the Shizens Lip Tattoo

Basically, Shizens is promoting us the Malaysian ASIAN ladies to have natural skin look instead of having heavy makeup on face. Maybe because they want us to look natural and original.

Trust me after several days I am with Shizens, every morning I woke, I always apply this lip tattoo before taking my bath - How weird is it right?

I am loving the texture but it feels a bit sticky after I applied. And my lip suddenly feels like a duck lip because my lip is absorbing the ingredients of the Shizens lip tattoo.

I am loving the color changes into the natural pink color following my body heat temperature.

Well, I've seen many bloggers use this lip tattoo on their cheeks to make it like blusher. I haven't try yet ! I just tried on my lip at the moment.

Shizens Lip Tattoo adds a spread of moisture and relieves the formation of fine lines. It helps to lighten dark pigmented lips and gradually turn them into natural pink or rosy tones.- Shizens

I have to agreed that Shizens Lip tattoo claimed it relieves the formation of fine lines ! Well that's really true because my lip looks like crystal with less wrinkle appears.

What I dislike ?
  • Containing methylparaben
  • The smells like my Rayyan's pen marker
  • My lip feels kinda hot not really long within 1 minute haha not really sure why maybe my lip is sensitive with some ingredients but still applying every morning - funny !

I Agreed with ChoyPengism it works Like Magic !

Price : Shizens Lip Tattoo (8ml) retails at RM168 each ( quite expensive right ? but high quality ! )
Store Locations : Shizens Stores


Websites   :www.shizens.com
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/ShizensMalaysia

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