#Event : ○•♥ Christmas Night to Remember with Beautiful Ladies Butterflies & Several handsome Gentleman Butterflies at The Apartment•○♥

Hello Everyone !

Ladies and gentleman butterflies !
Thank you so much for being the best people on the earth !
I would like to take selfies with all the butterflies, but you know, the time is really limited and i was like chatting with several butterflies almost an hour and didn't realize the arrow of the clock hit 11PM!

So what's happening during the The Butterfly Project XMAS party ?
•Held at The Apartment, Curve
•23th December 2014 which is in Tuesday
•Started at 6.30PM until 11PM

•This XMAS party was opened for Butterfly members who has registered in Butterfly FB page and bloggers who has been actively blogging or actively participating in Butterfly projects.

•There was so many EXCITING activities were happenings
such as
○ The XMAS Beauty Box Project released where each members were given an XMAS beauty Box to do review. Each BOX worth up to RM500.
○ Cit-cat time with the butterflies ( more than 2 hours shared a lot of interests with the butterflies )
○ Eat all  Delicious & Marvelous Food prepared by The Apartment.
○Time for the TEAM Ice-Breaker : 10 Teams with one leader and 10 butterflies in each team. Name the team and post the team group in the #Instagram and hashtag #butterflymsia #butterflyteam(Team Name)
○The best part is the Giving Session from every butterflies Santa secret which is called exchanged gifts.
○Best XMAS #OOTD to 5 butterflies best dressed - they snagged a gift from L'Occitane Malaysia.
○Best 10 XMAS selfie who was hashtagged the #butterflymsia #theapartmentcurve - they brought back a gift from The Butterfly Project.

And the best PART was I didn't win anything during the Xmas Night Butterfly Party, so unlucky that day.

The Apartment Entrance


The Apartment interior decorations with the FROZEN flakes.
The chairs & Tables for butterflies to sit on
The female & male butterflies were arrived.
Me showing the appetizer from The Apartment
Me with my Team Group
From left bottom : Nikki, Adeline, Grace Oon, Geoza, Aliza Sara, Shivani Balraj, me, Pinku No Sakura.
From Left Top : Grace Tan and Ika
Me with The butterflies
From Top Left : sis Miera Nadhierah, Cindy Tong, Wiida Ribbon
From bottom Left : Kelly, Shivani, ChoyPengism & Pinku No Sakura

Me with Aliza Sara the angel won the best dress that night

So this is my #OOTD, cheap dress TOP white lace and Red Long sleeve skirt

She is one of the #Garnier presenter.

Me with another butterflies
From Top Left : Wiida Ribbon, Pzaqmar and myself
From Bottom left : Izzati, Ayeen Kadir, Farhana, Anfaal, Liyana
( and others sorry i don't remember your guys named, tell me okay )

Edazz presented us an XMAS song and Frozen
Our TEAM named is Butterfly Angels

My food presentation : Turkey, vegetables and a piece of chocolate cake.
The food were delicious but I didn't take a lot now I am hungry : want to get them back.

Once again me with Wiida & Ayeen Kadir ( I am her secret santa )

So my secret santa gave me a mystery box - I'll update next post unboxing the secret santa Nikki present soon
What's inside this mystery beauty box from the Butterfly Project?
I'll post it soon unboxing the box the beauty product review in my next post !
Well, It was totally a night to remember, fun and exciting !
But at the same time do not forget to those people who are in the east coast.
They are having their disaster time at this moment.
Make sure give pray for them & make donation for them.

Love you guys !
Till we meet again.


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