#Service Review : #Food & Beverages : Feeling Hungry ? But Lazy to go out ? Come Let's try the Food Panda Delivery System ! ( Caterpillar Chapter by the butterfly project )

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Hi everyone ! Thanks again for re-visiting my Blog.
So here is my review on Food Panda Delivery Service system.

About : Who is FoodPanda?
FoodPanda is a small team of problems solver, they are working around the clock to make FoodPanda the most powerful online tool for FOOD DELIVERY Service in universe.

They believe ordering food for HUNGRY PEOPLE like us should be easy, fast & definitely FUN !
FoodPanda claimed they wanted something simpler!
And they totally MADE it !
FoodPanda the Food Delivery providing us online menus from the staggering selection of delivery restaurants around us. Just simply enter our postcode and search for cuisine type, restaurant or even price range.

No online food delivery is too difficult for Foodpanda! 
Food delivery service has never been made easier!- FoodPanda

Surprisingly FoodPanda also is a part of the Rocket Internet Group and is partner with 
Zalora(the lifestyle shopping online)

 Food Panda is available in Popular Cities such as :
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Petaling Jaya
  • Penang
  • Johor Bahru
  • Melaka
  • Ipoh
  • Sunway Subang Jaya Puchong
  • Shah Alam Klang
  • Cyberjaya Putrajaya
FoodPanda always working out with the Popular Cuisines such as :
  • Pizza delivery
  • Burgers
  • Korean food
  • Western food
  • Chinese food
  • Malaysian food
  • Italian food
  • Japanese food
  • Indian food
  • Thai food
  • Seafood
  • Sandwiches
The available restaurants in FoodPanda are such as :
  • Din Tai Fung - Pavillion
  • Din Tai Fung - eCurve
  • Fish & Co. Pavilion
  • Chatime - SS2 Square
  • Kenny Rogers Roasters - Berjaya Times Square
  • Starbucks - Bukit Bintang
  • Sakae Sushi - Berjaya Times Square
  • Tony Roma's - Pavilion
  • TGI Friday's - Menara Hap Sang
  • TGI Friday's - Sunway Pyramid
  • Trattoria - Cucina Italiana
  • Kluang Station - Tesco Ampang
  • Pappa Rich - Kota Damansara
  • Wendy's - Jln Kiara
  • Tony Roma's - Pavilion
  • A&W - Wangsa Wlk
  • All Food Panda restaurants

Source : screenshot from my phone through the Foodpanda application
But I think make order through the web much easier maybe because I can see wide options.
 FOOD PANDA MAIN MENU(web version)
Source : screenshot from www.foodpanda.my
Okay when I was in the main page, I need to enter my city and enter my area. I live in Kajang, but FoodPanda still unavailable in my area, so I decided to go to my relatives house in Putrajaya area.

Source : screenshot from www.foodpanda.my
Source : screenshot from www.foodpanda.my
There are several restaurants are available at Putrajaya's area, around 8+ & something like that, and The best part is Penyet express is available ! Yahoo, the Indonesian cuisines.

After I ordered the food, I reviewed my order first in the review's section. And you can choose when the food shall be send to HOME ! 
(note) If you have code voucher, do not forget to fill in the "VOUCHER CODE" blank before you check out.

Source : screenshot from www.foodpanda.my
After I checked out, FoodPanda gave me notification Success if my ordered has been noted.

Source : screenshot from www.foodpanda.my
Actually it's quite stressing for the 1st timer like me, I don't know where to go and which food to choose because those restaurant's food really catchy on my eyes. I feel like want to eat all.
Saw the Tammy's facebook ordered Sakae Sushi make my mouth-watery but some of my relatives might not like raw seafood, so I will go with Indonesian cuisine. :)

And if you guys have a lot of questions to ask, you can hit the Foodpanda Malaysia Customer Support on the top right option. Don't shy-shy because the customers service is the best.
I might annoyed them with the questions but they are simply professional while answering my Questions. Thanks FoodPanda !
Hope to see you guys SUCCESSFUL in the future !!

After you done the payment. All you need to is wait for the #foodpanda to send the food LIKE I ordered before a day.

See, #FoodPanda sent in front on the door's house.
I ordered Penyet Xpress - and the food still HOT ! So amazing !
Well I recommended #FOODPANDA for you guys who don't own any vehicles, or maybe in office time or lazy to go out !
Don't let your stomach angry-hungry if not you will become a hulk !

Don't forget to Order your FOOD NOW !

Details for #FoodPanda 


Where to download Foodpanda App on mobile?


Love you guys !


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