#Contest : #Ambank #givealittle Phase 2 My messaged to all HumanKind On Earth

What's inspired me to #givealittle by #ambank?
Seeing people on earth especially the poverty people made me responsible as a humankind.
There are so many things we can do to cheer up these people, no matter our own family or others. Not only by giving our items, but we can be a good listener or helper to their problems.
Not only human are needing helps but animals and our earth need a lot of attention by us to keep safe and protected for our next generation to live with a small things we do. ♥♥♥

Back to the main stories and titled.
Not only joining this #givealittle to win the RM20K.
As we alerted,
There is a place in Malaysia got attacked by the mother nature at East Coast Malaysia.
They are really needing our help, they need food, clean water, clothes and a place to rest.
What are we waiting ! Do help them.
I heard some of them have passed away because they can't hold themselves to the coldness.
Babies and children are hungry and starving. They are crying and helpless.

But with our strength and our sympathy, we can do some charity to help them.
Only donate RM1 means so much to them.

Hopefully with this message through the #Ambank #Givealittle can open up our minds and eyes.
Just #givealittle could bring meaningful words and could brighten their whole days.


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