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Me Under the Modbox Blogger's community,
I received a bottle of Rescare natural & basic Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray (300 ml | rm75) which is Made in Korea.

Basically the liquid inside this bottle helps our skin to remove the nasty dead skin.

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Something came inside my mail box from www.modbox.com.my Modbox Blogger's Community @modboxcrew Rescare natural & basic Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray (300 ml | rm75) Made in Korea Get rid of dead skin cells with this convenient, easy-to-use body exfoliating spray from Korea. Packed with natural plant extracts and ingredients, it gently exfoliates while keeping skin moisturized. To use, spray onto skin after shower and gently message in circular motion. Wash off to remove residue. Use 1-2 times a week for smooth, glowing skin ! Well that's the description. I haven't try yet but will do soon ! To be honest I am totally attracted with the natural ingredients and made from Korea! And especially what is safe to wear I can go on with it ! Will blog this as soon as possible ! But guys do make sure to check the expiry date okay ! Only 4 years per bottle. #newbieblogger #beautyblogger #Malaysianblogger #blogger #present #korean #Modbox #rescare
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Your journey to smooth skin starts here. A great solution to get rid of dry, flaky and dead skin cells! 

Best for: All skin types
Steps by steps.
How do I use?
- First I sprayed 1 pump on my skin with the right amount.
- And then I rub in circular motion mode on the  liquid until it became like a small flakes.
- Rinsed with warm water.

What I think about this product ?
- The packaging :  Just a simple+common RECYCLE bottle (PET) with an easy pump delivery. I love how the pump has a child lock, need to turn on to use, and turn off after you done spray. The shape of the bottle, thin and tall.
- The Liquid : The liquid color absolutely looks like water H20 and totally clear white.
- How does it works? : Rescare inflax exfoliator contains vegetable ingredients which is absolutely natural and 100% safe to use- Well it really helps to exfoliates the skin keratin without causing any irritation.
- Natural Ingredients : Rose water, extracts of aloe leaf, persimmon leaf, licorice and mulberry root bark ( herbal compounds have anti-oxidant and skin-soothing effect) It helps to moisturize my skin, leaving it firm + elasticity and healthy.
-How To use? : Just a simple steps, spray on your body, gently massage or rub off, rinse with water.


Product Name : Rescare Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray 
Price : (RM75 for 300 ml )
Expiry : 4 years
Made in Korea

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