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Sulwhasoo is sharing us their 

Well, as you can see the compact powder foundation special edition are really beautiful, cute and pretty packaging and I bet they are fragile. These compact powder released once every year since 2003- now available in its latest 2014 version.
This year, the design features the Mother-Of-Pearl with a modern reinterpretation of Koreanaesthetics that combines luxury & tradition.

They are too adorable, and my eyes are blinking every time I see the design. I should get them while they are still AVAILABLE !

2014 Shine Classic was designed with the collaboration between Sulwhasoo and artist Hyung Kyung Lee. He used small rectangular fragments of the Mother-Of-Pearl to envision a plum blossom design for the case. The rectangular pieces which also represents elegant Korean women, are applied to express a more natural and beautiful plum blossom than a plum blossom in curves. This is done deliberately to add a modern touch to the Shine Classic design.

Plum Blossom symbolize the elegance and dignified beauty. Contrast design is achieved when the translucent white plum blossom is placed on top of the background design to enhance the natural colors of the Mother-Of-Pearl. To exude the natural bright luminescent colors of the pearl, Lacquer finish was thinly applied to penetrate the background color. The visual beauty was delivered along with the tactual beauty from the uneven design surface.

Two distinctive designs designs representing each Shine Classic variant i.e :
  • White for the Powder Compact variant
  • Blue for the Multi-colour Powder Compact version.
Design Elements + Design Motives of the plum blossom featured at the center of the compact powder which is the powder also carried the Mother-Of-Pearl.

New Shine Classic 2014 Offering us include:
Clear Skin, Breathable Skin, Skin Protection and Naturural Colorant ( Multicolor Powder Compact Variant)

i) Shine Classic Powder Compact (9g x 2 which includes a refill, a puff and a pouch), RM 440
The case design of this variant features a white plum blossom on top of a beige  background to symbolize pure and clear skintone.

White also represents pure plum blossoms of winter and its function to deliver clear and pure skin.

Applying this compact powder not only helps in minimizing flaws on the skin but it also adds brightness to the skin while at the same time protects the skin from aggressors, leaving it as delicate as petals.

The compact powder is available in No 2 (Calm Tone) for a more natural and subtle look.

How to use:
Use the puff to apply after base makeup or for makeup correction.
Lightly pat with an appropriate amount over the face.

ii) Shine Classic Multi-color Powder Compact (9g which includes a brush and a pouch), 
RM 440
The Multi-colour Powder Compact case which features the white plum blossom on top of a blue background colour with yellow polka dots helps to bring out the multiple colours of the Mother-of-Pearl in symbolizing the colorful and mysterious image of this variant.

The Multicolor Powder Compact functions as a highlighter to promote radiance and vitality with its diversity of colors.

The colors of the beautiful plum petals deliver translucency and purity. Tones of this compact include: Light Pink, Deep Pink, Light Yellow, Light Purple and Light Blue.

How to use: Apply on the face with the powder brush. Blend all the colors of the powder and gently sweep through the face.

The 2014 Shine Classic Limited Edition will be available at all Sulwhasoo beauty counters starting December 2014. Look out for our Sulwhasoo counters at Parkson Pavilion KL, Parkson 1 Utama and Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang.

For more information on Sulwhasoo, visit www.sulwhasoo.com.my or Sulwhasoo Malaysia Facebook Page.

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