#Food & Beverages : Fresh FOOD at the end of the year - Sushi Zanmai at IOI City Mall

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 Hello everybody !

コんにちわ : Konnichiwa

Recently, My family and I went to IOI City Mall for the 3rd times ! After had a walk on the top level. We saw many people were lined up on the waiting red carpet in front of the Sushi Zanmai Restaurant. So, I was so excited and feeling curious look at those people.. So what's next !

I am also one of the people who were lined up ! Haha..( because of feeling curious ! )
Yeah another reason the title ( SUSHI ) on the front Which - I am so CRAZY with sushi things especially with the raw fresh fishes and wasabi !

#Info from #SushiZanmai
 *****|||Sushi Zanmai
The genuine
Conveyor-belt Sushi Restaurant
The original taste, a brand new experience.
Colour plate starts from RM1.80. We provide more than 100 assortments of sushi and 100 varieties of cooked food that are authentically Japanese.
Backed by more than 20 years of experience in Japan, Sushi Zanmai possesses extensive expertise for raw materials selection.
Genuine ingredients coupled with original recipes, we provide cuisines that are authentically Japanese.
For you, from our heart. |||*****
Look at those people who were waiting on the line! And when I saw the Sushi Zanmai's logo really that Greenish&Gempax | the curious feeling is dramatically increased ! Well the interior designed absolutely made me feel like in Japan (hope I can step my feet on that land someday)

The menu book is well- designed with those yummy appetizers,desserts and beverages. The illustration in the menus made me want to order all of kind of food provided ! But Please I am out of budget. Haha !

What I ordered?
Sashimi Moriawase : Raw fishes like Salmon, tuna-belly, Yellow-tail, scallop, sweet fish and cuttlefish.
How do I eat ?
I ate like a giant shark, chewing them until they became into pieces and swallowed them - haha ! Lols!
Price : RM43.90
Well, I love how fresh the sea-fishes were served but I am totally dissatisfied because I am totally not FULL at all ! I NEED MORE PLATE FOR this sashimi ! ( I am not diet for this )
Spicy Ramen : Ramen Noodles with kimuchi-based soup
This noodle wrote "spicy" but my Rayyan 2 years old can eat this noodle, I don't think it's spicy at all, but we LOVE the taste ! Just perfect to have in our daily lives. Hmm Hmm.
Price : For small bowl : RM10.80 (Large) RM 19.80

Milky Green Tea : Ice cream and smooth Cream on top. Refreshing and sweet taste. Just a delicious combination between the creamy milky cream and green tea.
Milky Green tea - Well I thought the glass the fat one but it is in thin one, haha.

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Location : I went at IOI City Mall, top level, just in case you are not here,
there are many sushi zanmai outlets in Malaysia
Sushi Zanmai Outlets : Source : http://www.supersushi.com.my/about.html
Overall, I love the all food in the illustration book's menu ! I hope Sushi Zanmai could serve us exactly 100% what's in the book and hopefully all the dishes will be more great for muslim-friendly food, you know All Malaysian no matter what races are they really enjoy with Sushissss things.....

有り難う / ありがとう(=arigatou),Thank you!
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Minna itsumo kono saito ni kite kurete arigatou! 
Thank you, everyone, for always coming to this site!

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