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Syafiera here. Last time I've reviewed BioDerma Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF30PA+++, okay for someone who has like extremely dehydrated skin like me, I prefer to keep my face moisturize rather than dry. But usually when I put any kind of cream on face, surely ended with oily touch even the product claimed it doesn't make your skin looks oily or shining. Maybe my skin is extremely dry so that caused my skin look oily all the times plus I love to use make up on my face, so actually there are so many brand out there ( moisturize + makeup base ) but not many works perfectly to against the pollution and free-radical.

So, I kind like a bit confused with my skin condition, sometimes my skin is extremely dry, sometimes its oily and sometimes it lost the balanced ! So seriously I need to try a lot of product to suits my skin.
I gave a tried on this cream, it came up with a pump-TUBE-pompe which will make it easier to get out from the tube without any mess. Well, I'm gonna give a thumbs up for this cream because it works on sensitive dehydrated skin.Some more it gave benefits to smoothen skin texture, brightens the complexion and protects my skin from harmful UV rays just in a one step !
So this product claimed that this cream will make your skin feels like you are having second skin 'effect' with the velvety touch, well I have to admit it ! My 1st impression, once I applied it on my skin, I can feel the smoothness like velvet touch, it feels so light on my skin plus my skin absorbs the cream real fast ! ;)

No more dull face any longer once I applied it, my skin looks glow and radiant after several time I used it.
Last no least ! It can be like a makeup base - no more worries to put other primer things on face before applying any makeup !
I usually use this cream after cleansing my face. I can wear this cream before going to bed too ! It helps to reduce fine lines and improves my skin texture.
Recommended for those who wants to fight anti-aging and protect their skin from harmful UV rays !

Guys ! I've reviewed this product on my BFF Profile ! My review is honest based on what the cream did on my face !

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HEY, review is not a wasted but It kinds of ( helping a friend BRAND-REFER before buy ) ! Take note guys, BFF is also keep the skin condition of the user profile so you can search the similar skin condition friends in BFF. It so much easier for you and last not least not only you having the skin problem !

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