Hey SEAFOOD lovers ! Come Visit HJ Sharin Low !


Hello everyone ! Remember I updated myself with the huge-plate of CRABS. Wee so now let's review the food provided by HJ Sharin Low especially with the Ramadan buffet with the seafood.

HJ Sharin Low have many restaurant branches around the Klang Valley, but this time I visited Hj Sharin Low located on the hill of Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang. You might want to google this restaurant as they are providing amazing seafood taste to tantalize your taste buds. Talk about seafood? - what else do you guys know - if SEAFOOD? -  I know about the crabs, shark fin, prawns and the famous one must-must the fishes, lol.

From my honest review this time, the view of the restaurant slightly look simply style decoration, my husband said don't look at the environment -but focus on the food ! Yeah the foods served here really killing our taste bud. You never know how I cleaned a huge plate of Crabs and stuffed all of them into my stomach . I'm super loving how they cooked the Crabs because I found that easy to remove all the content of the crab shells, and I even eat the crab shells as they are really crispy overlaid with the salted egg.

Stop talking about the Crab shells now ! It's time for me and us to discover more amazing food served here.

There were 7 different dishes served in the Large Plates for us to taste. Okay probably for the food/ seafood lovers you guys seriously need to visit this restaurant, I cannot promise you guys but I wanna come back to try the shark fin soup no matter how much it does cost me. I am a huge fan of it.

The view of the Hj Sharin Low Seafood Restaurant from the front.

The "Butter Prawn" or in the menu is "Udang Butter"
Small RM19, Medium RM28, Large RM50

Spicy Crispy Chicken - "Ayam Rasa Thai"
Small RM15, Medium RM25, Large RM36

I believe this is HK Kailan Ying Yong, several of the Kailan so finely shreded.
Small RM15, Medium RM18, Large RM25

My favorite menu so far " Ketam Telur Masin" just told you about it.
Small : RM50, Medium RM75, Large RM100
I heard this one is Dato' Ct's fav menu too.
"Hotplate Tauhu Jepun"
Small : RM12, Medium RM 20
Hot & Sour Xi Chuan Soup
Small : RM10, Medium RM16, Large RM22

"Ikan Kerapu Stim Halia"
My husband's favorite, yea Ginger helps to released whatever gases inside the body.
The price based on the size of the fishes : Seabass/Siakap : RM7 - 100G
Grouper/Kerapu : RM7 -100G
Hj Sharin Low Bukit Antarabangsa provided only 2 type of fishes.
Asam Boi Kedondong, I am so lucky during that day,
Hj Sharin Low provided the sour drink for me, at last my nausea treated ! It's
all about my trimester. Trust me more than 3 glasses for Kedondong Asam Boi !
RM 4 for each.

The 7 dishes on our table.. Oh my, I feel hungry now, I wanna get some of them now especially the crab shells and Asam Boi Kedondong ! I believe for the pregnant women who loves the seafood and sour& spicy might have the big chance - their baby in the tummy will  be a boy ! Ha ha ha ! No la just kidding just the tales story.

Meet the owner of the restaurant : Mohammad Azimullah talked about the restaurant and the main dishes. He even shared with us the recipe of "Ketam Ikan masin" but I do not think I wanna share with you guys, you must ask him - haha.

The " Secret Spices"

The range of menu prices ARE AFFORDABLE, easy for you guys to refer, just
bring out your big budget and 
do enjoy the foods with your family, really worth !

For more details :

Visit the Restaurant
Bukit Antarabangsa
No. 1&3, Lorong Wangsa 5A,
Bukit Antarabangsa, 68000,Ampang
Tel : 03-41066678

Sri Gombak
No 33, Jalan SG 3/10,
Taman Seri Gombak, 68100
Batu Caves, Selangor
Tel : 016-6887800

Harbour Place (Klang )
Lot G-13, Harbour Place,
Lot 6683, Persiaran Raja Musa,
41200 Klang.
Tel : 019-3566883

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