"Bazaar Desa" Buffet Menu in Square Restaurant Novotel KL City Centre

Hello everyone, on the last 5th June on the Friday night, I was invited to food tasting the "Bazaar Desa" located in the middle of Metropolitan KL City Centre at Novotel KL.

"Pasar Ramadhan" or as known as "param" which means "Food Bazaar" to break the fast is a popular choice among Muslims and is akin to a big food festival. This year's theme simply to encapsulate  the local street food culture as a "Bazaar Desa" selected theme often found during the Holy Month all around the country.


Over 100 traditional Malay dishes crafted by Novotel's Executive Chef Huzaidy and team . There will be 3 different menu.

The tempting White Dragon Fruit.

Assorted fresh cut fruits & local fruits.

Squid Water Spinach ( Sotong Kangkung )

The variety of Appetisers - served in Cold.

Dessert corner : Selection of puddings.

Assorted Cookies.

Bubur Lambuk

"Kambing Bakar" - Over roasted Lamb (Special Highlighted)

The dates

Lamb Varural

The lamb gravy, mayonnaise and pudina sauce for Over Roasted Lamb.
Fish Asam Pedas

Steamed white rice & Tomato Rice

Lontong goreng

Assorted Grills 3 types ( Squid, Fish & Prawn)

Spicy Tomato Beef

The live cooking corner consists of Chicken & Beef Satay, Roti Canai, Murtabak, Idly, Ediyappam, and 3 types of Assorted Grills( Squid, Fish, Prawn)

The Satay Station

The Live corner 2 presenting the Chicken & Beef Satay & Condiments, Kacang pool & condiments, Roti Canai, Idly, Ediyappam, and Marinated Chicken Perchik on Shawarma.

Lo Han Chai

Lemon Grass Chicken

Steamed Soft Bean Curd with minced Meat & Chicken Floss

Steamed Butter Fish in Sze Chuan Mala Sauce

The Noodle Corner - 
Selection of laksa(daily change)
Mee rebus tulang
Prawn Mee
Curry Noodle

Aneka Gorengan/ Assorted fritters
Banana With Cheese ( Special Highlighted )

The Cold Beverages
From left : Ice peach tea, Bandung coconut, Sweet Corn Juice, Sugar Cane, Khatirah Juice.

"Bazaar Desa" dinner buffet is priced ar RM95 nett per adult, RM45 nett for children aged 8-12 years old. Early bird voucher is available for sale from now until 19 June 2015 2015 at only RM80 nett per adult and RM40 nett. Accor Plus members enjoy further 10% discount. 

For reservations call
+60 ) 2147 0888 Ext : 7660
Email : H6324-FB3@ACCOR.COM

Noted : All the photos taken with my samsung galaxy S5.

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