Chakri Palace brought us the Royal Thai Cuisine


Hello everyone ! Remember on the last Tuesday I kept updating my Instagram where I was - now I am revealing to you guys that I was in Imperial Chakri Palace the Royal Thai Cuisine, so this time the food review was happening in KLCC. I was with several bloggers were attending the most delicious restaurant for the Thai cuisine in Malaysia.

Available from 20th July 2015 onwards !

Did you know the Ramadhan is really coming soon? So Chakri has providing their food service for us the Muslims to have iftar in their restaurant during the Ramadan. With more than 50 authentic Thai and local favorites by Chef Sollahudin Nutto definitely will satisfy your tastebuds and treat your hunger !

Ikan Bakar ? Satay ? Tom Yam or Ais kacang? You just name it will also featured specialty and live action in Thai hawker Stalls !

Located at KLCC level 4 the ala-Thai foods and beverages will open up your eyes, tantalize your taste buds and appetite with your families and friends.

The tag of Imperial Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine.

The Chakri customers and the bloggers were enjoying the Thailand taste !

The price of the buffet for any ages.


The view from the outside of the restaurant.

There were so many menus to pick at least more than 50 Thai food varieties and the local can get in Chakri. Everything was prepared by Chef Sollahudin Nutto.


Me with the trademark lady doll in front of the restaurant.

Its time for you to pick with the varieties of noodles from kuew teow, yellow noodle, soto and etc etc.

Not only that, they also have my mom's favorite fish - "Ikan Keli Goreng."

Yea, feel like the eve celebration yet with "ketupat" "satay" and "kuah kacang."

2 different kind of satay - chicken satay and beef satay. Both are my favorite !

Rendang Daging Tok, well it's not yet the Eve but we can get them in Chakri Palace.

To get simply healthy anddelicious, Basmathi rice was used for this menu.

I didn't manage to try this Lamb in Thai Grass Cony, because there were so many menus to try, but no worry I'll come back real soon during the Ramadan to taste all of the food in Chakri.

The menu we can all over the place is in Chakri - Butter Prawn with salted egg.

Fried Sliced fish with " Tiga Rasa" - simply the best and really good for kids.

The sauteed squid with garlic sauce - oh mama, delicious and yummy !

Stir fried lala with tomyam pasta, recommended for those who loves to eat seafood and spicy taste of tom yam !

Sauteed Beancurd with minced chicken- I've tried it and it is spicy. wee.

The vegetables provided for those who are vegetarian - no worries guys !

Onion Ring Goreng - what else we gotta say ? Just name it - more than 50 menus to tantalize your taste buds.

Kankung goreng ala thai - vegetarian snack !

Acar Timun. Feel like in malay's wedding celebration.

Chakri also served the "telur masin."

Yay - it's time for dessert ! Gado-gado.

The creative crafted watermelon - ah so sayang to eat!

Ulam-ulaman really good for your health - don't forget to detox your tummy guys !

That's sambal kicap there.

Wow many different style of spicy sambal belacan - thats really open the appetite.

Daun kadok - twirl the daun kadok into the cone shape and then fill it with the ulam-ulaman, peanuts and chillies and eat all the way ! Sounds to fun guys !

Yea my favorite SOM TAM ! Sour and crunchy betik muda !

Kerabu Ayam cincang - looks like mee hoon.

Kerabu mangga Thai with the vinegar and the mix of spicy chillies surely will hotting your day.

The fruit pickles including the kendodong, grapes and papaya.

The creative crafted honey dew.

More fruits available for the Ramadan buffet.

The red ruby water chesnuts - most of the bloggers favorite  during the food preview.

Samosa and popiah - crispy kueh-mueh.

More kueh-mueh such as bahul, banana stim, curry puff and etc etc.

The pulut rice in green and white.

Bubur Pisang.

What's in my plate - the set of sweet mango, pulut rice and coconut milk. The sweetness of coconut milk indulge the taste of the pulut rice.

One more plate of mine for red ruby water chestnut - The sweetness of coconut milk and the crunchy bite of red ruby made us feel like in summer and it will be nice to have the beach time.

Have all the menus tantalize your "nafsu" yet ? Why not you guys try all the dishes. Yeah more than 50 choices. Oh mama, wishing my tummy will have some spaces for those foods and beverages now.
Because I am going to there once again for the buffet Ramadan this time with my family !

Too bad guys - different prices for different branches of Chakri. ;(  But do make sure you guys make your reservations now or early than late and you will never get to taste the food to get the special price !

I've been here with my blogger friends - What about you guys ? Don't miss the chance to tantalize your taste bud and appetite ! Only in the Ramadan ---

Visit the Chakri Branches during the whole days for this year Ramadan.

Lot 417B, Level 4, Suria KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2382 7788
Fax : 03-23820269

Level 4 Connrction, Pavilion KL
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-21431141
Fax :03-21441141
E-mail :

Lot G85, Ground Floor, Alamanda Shopping Centre
Jalan Alamanda, Precint 1, 62000 Putrajaya
Tel : 03-8890 1616
Fax : 03-8890 1717

Noted : All the photos taken by me  from not so professional camera the Samsung #S5 at least I know your saliva is on your "anak tekak" after looking the food, okay bai !

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