#Product Review + Butterfly Project Selfiegram with : Skin Aqua UV Watery Essence SPF50+PA++++

Hello beauty lover, so today I want to review a sunblock from Mentholatum. A daily sunscreen that is watery-light and breathable on your skin and protects your skin 16 times better against the premature aging !

Skin Aqua UV Watery Essence SPF50+PA++++
  • It formulated with Solarex-3 technology with photo stability for long lasting broad spectrum UV Protection.
  • High UV Protection - SPF 50+ and PA++++.

Almost of Asian have to face the sun damage and UV rays everyday especially in Malaysia and now you can protect yourself against the sun damage by apply several amount of it on your skin.

Three ingredients work together to effectively moisturize, repair and enhance the skin's ability to shield itself from UV rays as well as protect the skin's DNA from damage, they are Rona Care Ectoin, Antileukine 6 and hyaluronic acid. Melanin formation will be fight by the Vitamin C, not only that, it effectively lightens freckles and dark spots for a more even and radiant skin. It offers 16x better protection against UV rays to prevent premature agent.

I think it works for my skin as it reduces my pimple scars might because of the Vitamin C effect, and then whenever I go out I feel like My skin is safe from the sun damage. It doesn't feel oily at all and doesn't dry my skin either, It works as a makeup base too.

  • Watery Light Texture
  • Fuss-free
  • Easy to apply
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy
  • Skin breathable
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • As a makeup basic
  • Mild free
  • Free from colorant
  • Affordable price
For more details about this product
Do visit their website : http://www.mentholatum.com.my/product_suncare_skinaqua.php

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