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~Blogger BBQ Pool Side Party was Fun & Awesome~


Hello everyone ! Sorry a bit late to update an amazing blogger gathering I was attended on the last Sunday. Not really in good mood due to the early stage trimester but I will trying hard to tell the my experience and story  about  the last met with the blogger friends.

This is a blogger community project organized by Dr Sidney Kan where he managed to gathered almost 100 people in the party including the mommies, daddies, the bachelors and the kids too. The party was happening at a condominium located in Kota Domansara.

On my way to party wasn't easy as my loves one's health was not in good condition while me with the sickness of pregnancy but still want to attend the party to meet the blogger friends and eat the LAMB of BBQ, ha3. Is not really good too when the weather was not really friendly on the day, but at last we were still managed to get there and the rain didn't stop us from going to the fun gatherings moment with the well-known bloggers such as Bro Frame Stone, Sunshine Kelly and many more.

The Pool & The Activities


The pool from my view. Well - square shape for the kids pool while the extra shape for the adult pool. Haha. Not really sure how to describe the shape as I am not really good in physics and do not ask me how to calculate the size and the volume of the pool. Lols. The water of pool is blue by the way might added with chlorine to avoid the mosquitoes lay eggs. Prevention is better than cure. And the balloons were occupied the side of the pool in the adult's area.

BBQ by Bakarlah wasn't ready yet, they were in the preparation of it. While we were waiting for the foods to get ready, all of us enjoying other activities in the hall with the family and blogger friends.

The bloggers were waiting up for Zung The Ninja Photographer for the twilight head shot. He said that it is not a beauty shot so you don't have to pose like a model.

The balloons for the kids to play with in the hall. The more balloons the more fun as the kids will have fun enjoying their time play with the balloons, easy for parents for their kids to remain silence and prevent them to get into the pool without the supervision.

The bloggers husband of Leona and Jane Chua, as the mother spent time for the activities prepared, the daddies worked as the babysitter, same goes to my husband. Lols. The kids need more attention than the adults. lols. ha3.


As am I the only one of the mommy blogger who enjoyed my time with the kids at their pool. Yeah and my size of body seems like size of them too, I was bullied by them ha3, but they loved to interact with me. That's too lucky when the kids were liking me a lot. Lols. And the saddest part when I tried to walked out from the pool, they were not allowing me to go because the fun part to enjoy still not satisfy them yet. Maybe next time till we meet again kiddo. he3.

The Jewellery Maker

For the little girls, there was a jewellery maker session by Kelvin Gems and Elegant Jewelry Studio.
The girls were so creative as I can see they made a lovely necklace for themselves or to give it to their mom. Every girls who has done the jewellery has unique style in their way. Don't be surprise there was a boy too made a sweet necklace for his mommy too. So adorable son he was !

Rayyan and his father were amazed look at Zung The Ninja Photographer biography and profile on the display set through the visual.

The Foods & Beverages

Back to the BBQ area, Bakarlah is ready to grill the chicken on the fire. Now we were waiting for the chicken to have a good taste and juicy impact under the skin layer. MARVELOUS !

So Pepsi for the sweet taste, and I recommending for those who has high sugar blood problem to drink the plain water instead of the pepsi.

Besides of the chicken, there was other delicious seafood were prepared too by GST - Group Seafood supply of fresh prawns, ikan kembong and saba mackerel. Thanks again to Bakarlah BBQ and Rental provided their equipment for the party.

My favorite No frill just grill so far, the LAMB chop LAMB. woohoo!

The Face & Body Art

For more fun and artistic look, the Face & Body Art was provided too for those ladies and little girls who wants to have face painting with the beautiful images on their body and face. Thanks to Fannie Face Art for creating creative face and body art for us.

Mine art just as simple as for the princess style. But too bad once I went out from the pool, the art was washed away. No selfie photo with face art ;( So sad ! :(

The Photography Session

For those who loves with artistic black & white portrait services, you guys can contact Zung- ninja photographer | Facebook or visit his http://www.thephotoz.com/


Zung the ninja photographer  used his skill to get me the perfect shot for the twilight head shot. He said once again, it is not a beauty shot. Everyone can look beautiful in his photo. Ho ho.

Final activity of the day, the black and white photo session in the studio. Thanks to Pui Chai Fang for this shot of me ! ;)

Thanks to sponsors NY Steak Shack for the food vouchers and Hei Sushi for the cash vouchers, and Shills for the foot mask.

It was a nice gathering party to remmeber for all bloggers those attended the
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Credit to the blogger friend's instagram and Sherry for the information ;)

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