A Night to remember in Mother's Day Miracle Night with Dato' Siti Nur Haliza

Hello everyone ! Remember on the last Friday at May 15? An amazing history for the mothers in celebrating the Mother's Day Miracle Night with Dato Siti Nur Haliza at TM Convention Crystal Hall organized by #OMGfest one of the agency of "karnival usahawan."

This ceremony were attended by the VVIPs, the mothers, celebrities and the main agenda of this event was to giving an opportunity for the 30 orphanages from "Pusat Jagaan Budaya Harapan" to celebrate their beautiful night day with Dato' Siti Nur Haliza and raised fund for the charity for their organization too.


Me, Norfa Nil and penmerah.com author were posing in the entrance booth. There was a photo-booth for the mothers and the guests to keep the photo in the memory of the heart or an album. The booth was decorated with simply elegant, dazzle with the blinking of lights and the photo of Dato' Siti Nur Haliza on the back of it to enliven the atmosphere of the photo booth.

On the table 22 with 08, unlucky number during the day, but still enjoying the foods and beverages.

The menu was super irresistible and simply done by the caterer. The mixed of the meat, fish and chicken in different trays saved the night with many kind of the healthy food. Around 10 persons in a table and the food were not wasted. We might in hungry mode while waiting for Dato' Siti Nur Haliza to appear. Trust me the trays were so lubricious and I didn't managed to taste the chicken soup in the middle of it. Sob sob but never mind as long as we were still enjoy the delicious food was enough for me.

Around 10 pm after the long awaits, then only came out two famous Malaysian comedian, Nabil and Angah Raja Lawak. Trust me, the people in the ceremony were laughing a lot and tears on their eyes because they just couldn't stand with their jokes about the Malaysian politician and the nibble part for a pairs of mothers and the daughters.

Dato Siti Nur Haliza appeared with beautiful green peplum with glossy black hijab on the stage with her first song "Ku wanita" not really sure the title and the music was so catchy telling about a woman who wants to makes herself appreciated by others. A song that compatible for the heart of mothers around the world, being appreciated is one of the effort with no matter from husband, family or kids. She also sang her famous theme song of popular drama series rindu awak 200% - Jaga dia untukku. Not only that the complication of mother songs such as "Ibu- Engkaulah Ratu Hatiku" and others have made the night became gloomy and brought tears to myself and several individuals in the night of the ceremony.
Remember on her last press conference that she promised she will picked a lucky veteran mother and eat together with the food she will cook, now here she was. She has picked a mother's aged around 80 and above. The veteran mother's named is Mak Pah. The saddest part I realized that Dato' Siti's grandmother was passed away on the several days before the night. The ceremony became more heart touching and may be the saddest part for those who has lost their loves one.


Dato' Siti Nur Haliza was preparing her recipe "ketam masak telur masin" and enjoying the cook-time with Mak Pah for the candle light dinner, during the preparation and the candle light session, Dato' Siti sang several mother's songs for Mak Pah. I have the huge feeling that she was in the heartbreaks in remembering her late grandmother during her songs performed.

The final session of the ceremony was the Lucky-Draw moment, well my number wasn't really lucky during the day, but one of my Hai Blogger team +Ayue Idris was really  LUCKY ! Congratulations Ayu !

The group photo of #HaiBlogger team throughout the day.

Us with Nabil Angah Raja Lawak in the private room.

The medias and bloggers in the press conference room after the end of the day. Dato' Siti told us  about her sweet moment and memory with her late grandmother. Allahyarham Teh Tek'ek on the last breath at the age of 91 after 2 weeks confined to a hospital due to a variety of diseases. Died on Monday at noon at Hospital Kuala Lipis, Pahang. I am hoping that Dato' Siti preserved over the loss of a loved one, Al-Fatihah.

The night not only for fun but for us to remember the power of every mother's in the world and always make them happy no matter what.

The relationship between the mother and child is no accident. At times the child may reject his mother and wish he had a different one. Remember your soul made the choice for a reason. This woman can help you live your purpose- familyfriendpoems

Thanks to HaiBlogger and OMGfest for having me on the miracle night with Dato' Siti Nur Haliza.

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