Does she needs to be pretty, have a clear skin if she is entitled as a beauty blogger?

Hello everyone, sorry to bother you guys this late night, yea I supposedly to have a nice sleep but my head seriously keep wanting to let go of my own thoughts that couldn't stop think about it until right now. Apologies if I have a little bit slack in my sentence words.

So, before I started became a beauty blogger - actually my skin was in horrible stated, I have a large prone acne skin and sometimes got bullied with people around me said like I don't have any future with the terrible skin like this. Well that's pretty upset. Seeing my friends with clear skin received many compliments from others made me feel like I don't wanna be friend her again especially when she kept comparing me with her, she said she's prettier than me. I remembered that. Well because I think that time only me with her before I discovered the world without her.

Trust me, I am not the only who suffers this, I have so many products tried but error. Sometimes if the pimples or impurities started to show on my skin, I always put on high-coverage extra super-duple makeup on my face and still some people laughed at me said I looked like Chinese opera, but it doesn't matter as long as I can covered the whole flaws on my face. I'm willing to try than never.

Nowadays, people seems like women without make up because they look great and good with natural look. Yea I would like to believe it ! But if me, I would look like a pale and sick person if without the make up. Trust me make up just like my friends. They will cheat me if they starts to cakey or gone from my face.

I wonder if they all want to look natural without make up- why the makeup brands from the whole countries created seriously amazing good quality pigmentation and all the beauty stuff ! My bad if I don't try all of these things. Some of them quite expensive but some of them not really works my skin and vice versa. It's all depending on our skin stated.

Yeah since I'm having the acne prone skin problem after my puberty, yea that time when I was 15. Maybe lacked of good nutrition and the weather of Malaysia doesn't fit for my skin.

I started wondering when there are so many beauty products from Korea came to Malaysia claimed that many Korean ladies have beautiful skin and face, they amazingly flawless beautiful and sexy, cute and so on but my thought couldn't stop again - if they are way too pretty why some of them are still having the extremely plastic surgery just to look beautiful and good. My head blown away now. So I am wondering too.. do they know the climates and weather in Malaysia - extremely hot and humid temperature compared with their cold weather. I haven't go to Korean yet but my sister did, okay she told us about SNOW so I claimed Korea has a cold temperature.

To be honest, on the last workshop I went - they introduced me the Korean skincare and makeup - double expensive for me in Malaysian RM. Actually I'm loving to put the expensive products on my face because I think about the quality but I ended with itchiness on my face and irritated eyes maybe because of the eye cream I used earlier before I started to use the foundation. NOT FUN GUYS ! The products melted on my face and slipped onto my eyes suffered until the next tomorrow.

Back to the main tittle for my post, thank goodness if you guys are having a clear and beautiful skin. If you go anywhere you receive many compliments and people will always ask what do you use for your skin, how do you maintain the beauty and youthfulness. I believe those people are interest to go on with you and try to get along with you. Pretty ladies easy to get friends.

Don't tell me to try any products which I believe I will try to treat my skin. Some of them are selling only for money not to help. Ad in TV for the pimples product used by pretty,acne-free girls to promote their product- twisted right !

So, I am a beauty product consumer, I've tried many products on my face but some of them didn't work, So i just have to let go the frustration emoticon, I don't want to bother much about my flaws, I made my flaws as my friend and now I am totally happy with them, whenever I'm sad and in trouble, they are always there and here.

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