#Hai Blogger ! Official Photoshoot 2015.

In the past year ago. #HaiBlogger! Community group has done many attractive and interesting activities in the blogging industry and became a platform for the Malaysian bloggers to involved in many events and became a started point for 2015. There are so many experiences ups and downs shared together, to appreciate the bloggers member- on 26 April 2015 will be having the #HaiBlogger! photoshoot which is tomorrow for us - I couldn't wait for it !

The main objective for this photo shoot is to create self-profile as a professional blogger to become as a career. This photoshoot will be accomplish by the support of the sponsorships by the White Studio Project, CVS Production, Flava Pictured and a photographer, Fakhrul Islam. Make up will be done by #Makeupbyalyna and Sha Ismail & Team. Naomie and myself will preparing some make up for sensitive skin too. ;)

Shawl and scarf by VR Hijab, T-shirt #HaiBlogger! specially customized by Oh! Tshirt. The props will be prepare by the SUKELETTEW organizer event surprise party.

To give more experiences to the bloggers member, they will pose with the sponsorship products such as handbag and cool hijab hair serum. To show their talents as a media social #Haiblogger InfluencerTalent !

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