Mentholatum introducing the Chulip Lip Balm at The Oak Nexus@Bangsar South with the ChuLip Carnival Theme.

Chu Lip with 4 flavors.

From Left to Right : 
  • Chu Lip in Red Color is NY, Brilliant My Way
    Be dazzled with the powerful fruity accent from Apple Ginger and Tea Roses.
  • Chu Lip in Purple Color is Arabian, Floral shower from Rose, Geranium and Glove.
    Experience the magic spell of elegant flower scent.
  • Chu Lip in Pink Color is Paris,Perfect Memory
    Feel the eternal love with sweet berry scent from Raspberry, Peach and Vanilla.
  • Chu Lip in Green Color is Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia
    Enter the world of fairy tale surrounded with refreshing scent from Orange, Lime and Mango.
The 4 Cute Sphere of the Chu Lips are contain with the moisturizing ingredients such as Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rosehip Oil.

I am from Malaysia and I heard in other countries they have 6 flavors. Like extra 2 flavors from Malaysia. In the Chu Lip carnival I have time to review only 4 flavors : NY, Arabian, Paris And Nordic. The extras two are : Tokyo & Waikiki.

Now you can let yourself kiss your own lip with a 
delicious flavors from the blend of Chu Lip secret recipes !

Chu Lip lip balms were invented with the Stylish-shaped Lip Balm
  • The sphere shape enables you to apply in just one touch. It's like 'KISSING' your lip.
  • Wide surface allows you to apply sufficient amount of lip balms anytime.
  • Cute container can be used as a decorative item and is easy to display on a flat surface.
How To Use?
Apply 1-2 layers on your lip.

Ingredients :
Olive fruit oil, squalene, macadamia nut oil, water subscript avocado oil, beeswax, petroleum jelly, Candelilla wax, microcrystalline wax, palm oil, Aloe baby Rex-3, carnauba wax, synthetic wax, pentylene glycol, (ethylene/propylene), flavoring, menthol, road hip oil, tocopherol, sucralose

From 4 of them, I've tried the Nordic with the Orange, Lime and Mango flavors. I applied more than 2 coats because I can't let myself to let this sphere shape go from my lip. Feel like wanna eat it. The sphere cover slightly like matte touch and feel like in rubber which is easy to hold and it doesn't make you feel slippery. These cute lip balms reminded me of EOS lip balm which is quite famous.The sharp top of Chu Lip  and the Colorless balm differentiate the EOS.


It was a fun-filled day for guests who attended the Mentholatum's Chu Lip Carnival held in conjunction with Mentholatum's recent Chu Lip Lipbalm launch.

The Chu Lip carnival was held in The Oak Room Nexus@Bangsar South which is I came from my mom's home, Labu, Negeri Sembilan. I took a ride with the KTM head on to KL Sentral and change my destination with Putra LRT to the Universiti. It took like 2 hours for the trip.


Chu Lip the Registration Area
Met all the threes staff of the Chu Lip which is I registered under the blogger media area in the middle. And then I was requested to pick 1 of the chu lip flavor from her. I picked the PINK sphere as my 1st gift compliment after the registration.


Chu Lip #ChulipCarnival #ChuLip Photo Booth
There was a square-rounded box that capture our Kinky style Images at the corner besides the registration area. All cute girls were having their photos with their members. Many style we have made so far with the ChuLip Lipbalms.

My example of photos taken at the #WowPhotoBooth with Ayue Idris and myself.

The Cute pink hair ladies as our waitress today. They brought us the Harajuku Styles.


The Games
5 types of games that we need to settle with by rubber chop with and then only we can redeem our goodies.
  • Ping Pong  Ball Toss
  • Ring Toss
  • Bushel Basket Toss
  • Can knockdown
  • Penny Pitch

Marilyn Monroe dance performances : Jewel is a girl best friend

The badut was entertaining us with his white powdered face.

All the guest were challenged by the game activities provided at the Chu Lip Carnival.

Well, that's me in front of the Game booth.

Our beverages were prepared by those men at the bar.

Our Simply-irresistible Yummy treat.


The Pop-Corn

Salmon and Fish fillet.

The man in glitter red was counting HOW Many Chu Lip inside the plastic jar. The answer is 26.

The promoter girl.

The lucky draw winner announcement.

Chu Lip Cup cakes.

The Chu Lip lipbalm has been launched at all the leading pharmacies such as guardian and watsons store outlets for RM25.90 each.

Comes with stylish dome shape with an easy glide-on formula.

Available in 4 : pink, red, green and purple.

Collect them Now and get style mix&match with them now.

Pictures credited to :

Catat Ulasan

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