#Product Review : Watsons Skin Advanced Launch & Media Review

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Solution for Sensitive Skin is Finally Here in Malaysia !
The formulation developed by Japan cosmetic expert Dr. Tadahiro Shimada using "6+ 6-" Skin advanced process which is now available exclusively at Watsons outlet.

Image Source from Watsons

On the last 10th February in Cyberjaya, Watsons Malaysia introduced a new product range for sensitive skin. Well, watsons claimed this range is really suitable for those who are suffering with sensitive skin.

Developed with Japan cosmetic expert, The “6+6-“ adds 6 vital skin-friendly natural ingredients while subtracting 6 common artificial additives and preservatives, making it the optimal solution for those who have sensitive skin. Suitable for busy cosmopolitan men and women, providing them round-the-clock protection for even the most delicate skin.

All I understand about the 6+ 6- were infused in Skin Advanced Products are help to improve skin’s hydration level and rejuvenates skin elasticity, fights against environmental damage and enhance the skin’s antioxidant properties.

The 6+ mainly refers to Platinum Nano Particles, Alpine Glacial Water, uzu Ceramide, Resveratrol, B-glucan and Hyaluronic Acid while the 6- refers to free from chemical preservative, artificial pigment, UV absorbers, fragrance, alcohol and mineral oil. All of these elements are known to cause harmful effects on your skin complexity.

The Skin Advanced product range includes - Cleansing Milk, Jelly Toner, Facial Lotion, Sleeping Mask and Spring Spray which are suitable for those women and men who are 20s and above. The Skin Advanced range of products are available at selected Watsons stores now at a recommended retail price of RM49.00 for Cleansing Milk (150ml), RM69.00 for Jelly Toner  (150ml), RM89.00 for Facial Lotion (45ml), RM 89.00 for Sleeping Mask (80g) and RM49.00 for Spring Spray (150ml).

For more information about Skin Advanced solutions
Watsons official website www.watsons.com
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