#Product Review : Zarra Sinar Puteri Zaria Red Promo Pack 4 in 1 + Zarra BB Collagen Cream + Zarra Collagen mask.

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Are you a Collagen Lover? If me YES.
Because I am getting old, 25 yes still young alright 
 so my face need to take care really well 
to prevent the aging and wrinkles.
I wanna be like Rozita Che Wan when getting old
because she still looking young and gorgeous at 40+.
Lately I'm having really serious pigmentation due to many products trying on my face
-maybe not suitable for my skin-
adding on severe small acne on my forehead and + big pores on my both cheeks.
Not to forget my last chicken pox scars on the left side, under my right cheekbone and around my neck area.
So basically as usual, I'm doing an experiment with ZARRA SINAR PUTERI skincare on my face. This set is a really good and high quality skincare product. With recommended simple techniques to achieve the optimum effect.

The founder of ZARRA SINAR PUTERI is Datin Puan Zamzarina. She has a  lot of experiences in hosting a talk show over a decade when she was joining the RTM in 2000. That time I was 10 years old. She is also a broadcast journalist in the Newsroom RTM. She has published several draft TV News and Magazine TV programs. She is also a mother of three child aged between 15 and 8. Ah, can you believe it ? She looks really young and pretty.


So now I would like to introduce you guys the skin revolution with ZARRA SINAR PUTERI
the Zaria Red 4 in 1 + Zarra BB Cream Collagen and Zarra Masker Collagen.

Every bottles and single pack containing Collagen for the skin youth !

Note* : The collagen material to produce this product is not from seaweed. Some people are allergy with seafood and sinusitis patients. ZARRA SINAR PUTERI used the plant-based collagen from corn-maize extract imported from Australia. R&D research claimed that plant-based collagen is more effective than the collagen seaweed.
Zaria Red 4 in 1 RM 120/box
  •  Cleanser, Toner, Day Cream & Night Cream.
  • This set is enough for a month, use twice daily.
    Note* Zarra BB Cream Collagen & Masker collagen sell separately
Zarra Red BB Cream Collagen RM 38/each
  • As a UV Protection (Sunblock) and skin foundation.
  • Beige color : the BB cream will change color tone to consumer's skin color after several minutes.
  • Non-Oily and sticky
  • Consumer will feel comfortable all day along.
  • Use Zarra BB Cream after apply the Zaria Red Day Cream.
Zarra Red Masker Collagen RM 45/box
  • When we getting old, our facial face will  become sag and visibly of wrinkles due to the aging factor.
  • Let's restore the elasticity of the skin with Zarra Red Masker Collagen.
  • This masker is a "water based" gel.
  • Clear White transparent color in small packages.
  • Every package can be used by 4 times.

Basic Steps & Techniques to Achieve Flawless and Youth Skin

Start with Daily Skin Care ( Zaria RED : Daily set 4 in 1 ) 
  • 1. I Wet my face with small amount of water and the Zaria red cleanser with one pumped of the liquid. I Massaged really well on my face until the smooth bubbles appeared. And then I Rinsed with luke-warm water. I pat dry my face with clean towel.
  • 2.  I refresh my facial face Zaria Red Toner.With the spray pump delivery type system, I sprayed 3 pumps on whole face and then I pat with my fingers to let the toner absorbs into my skin.
  • 3.A) 5 dots of the Zaria Day Cream and then I massage my face with upwards motion.
    3.B) With Zaria Night Cream, do the same technique like Zaria Day Cream.
Added on with ( ZARRA BB Cream Collagen) to maintain the youthfulness
  • 4(DAY).I applied the Zarra BB Cream Collagen on my face and neck area after applied the Zaria Red Day Cream.
  • It's moisturized my skin all day along.
EXTRA PLUS with ( ZARRA Masker Collagen) to maintain the youthfulness
  • 5(NIGHT) Before I sleep, I applied Zarra Masker Collagen to prevent the skin aging and to protect my skin from wrinkles. 
  • I Cut the corner of the package and poured right amount of the Collagen Mask for my face onto my pal.
  • I applied all the collagen masker on my face and neck area 5 minutes before I go to sleep.
  • After I applied the collagen mask, my face feel really calm and cool where the collagen is  absorbing under the skin layer while I'm sleeping. ZARRA claimed that our sleep time is the time where our cells are active to treat and repairing the damaged cells.
  • After I woke up, I cleansed my face with Zaria Red Cleanser. I can feel my skin elasticity and the big pores started to tightening .  It works really fast because the ZARRA masker collagen helps to activate the cell growth naturally while I am sleeping.
  • This Zarra Masker Collagen can be used every night.
  • The opened package no need to store in fridge, Can be keep in room temperature.
Me As the ZARIA Red 4 in 1 + Zarra BB Cream Collagen + Zarra Masker Collagen Testimony

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Interested? I'm sure you all gonna L-O-V-E it because I am the one of it.
4.9/5 STARS !

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