Smart Steps: Uncover the Power of Nutrition to your Child’s Development

Do you know that it is important to tailor your child's nutrition?

According to SEANUTS or Southeast Asian Nutrition Surveys, nutrition has an impact on a child’s smartness or IQ.
As children develop mentally in stages, it is important for parents to monitor their developmental milestones and help them grow better and smarter by providing the appropriate nutrients at each stage.

Why is Nutrition plays in important role for our children early development?

As a mother, I always concerned about my children stomach needs, am I ? What I know not only my children need to have the good nutrition but I am as an adult need it too. For me good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle to promote the optimum development of the physical, mental, intellectual, social and emotional aspects.
With a good balance nutrition my children consume can reduce the risk of chronic diseases examples like heart disease and cancer.
Basically, nutrition is a process of providing the food necessary for health and growth. Nutrition is a complete nutritional cellular concept to cleanse the digestive system such as colon to improve the absorption of nutrients from the diet, repair and revitalize damaged cells adding on to promote the growth of new cells.
Perfect Nutritional characteristics must including the carbohydrates, proteins, Vitamins A B C D E, Fibres, Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron & B12 which can be found in healthy balance meals in daily lives.
  • Carbohydrates are really important for our children to provides them energy to keep active throughout the day.
  • Proteins are equipped with 9 essentials amino acids for growth and repair of the body tissues
  • Vitamin A,C,E are rich with anti-oxidants to maintain the baby’s skin, repair and protect the cells from the free radical damage.
  • Fibres help for digestion system and prevent constipation
  • Vitamins B improve the attention and focus plus its maintain the healthy nerves
  • Sodium & Magnesium help maintain the water balance in body and reduce fatigue
  • Vitamin C helps fight the infection of bacterias and really great for the teeth, gum and skin
  • Vitamin A is a necessary for the health of epithelium ( outer cell layer ) of the cornea and conjunctiva ( the soft mucous membrane that covers the front and inside of the eyelids )
  • Calcium is an important for the health and children’s bone formation.
  • Vitamin D is an essential for the optimal calcium absorption
  • Iron & B12 important for the construction of the red blood cells
Incomplete nutrition not only affects the healthy lifestyle but can give negatives impact on our children’s life future.
Children with LOW healthy immune system will experiencing many bad symptoms such as
  • frequent headaches
  • vomits and diarrhea
  • persistent cough and sneeze
  • abdominal pain
  • growth might stunt because not enough the important nutrients.
The unhealthy nutrition can cause obesity that can lead to other chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease and etc.
To be honest as a parent, I will freak out if my children always sick all the times because their sickness will be my affliction too. That’s why nutrition is really important for my children to keep they growing healthy and no diseases would like to attack their body and immune system.

Because I am not an expertise in the Nutritionist, I would like to inform you that
DUTCH LADY is calling all parents with children 1 to 6 years old to join an informative and fun workshop where all of parents will get to hear from experts to better understand about our children mental development and How to optimize it with the right nutrition

with panel of experts in the fields of Psychology, Nutrition and Padeatrics.


Registration fee of RM30 per family/couple is applicable.
Each participating family is entitled to ONE Dutch Lady Smart Steps Workshop Kit worth RM50!
To register,
CALL TOLL- FREE HOTLINE : 1 800-22-1233

Payment can be made to the below bank account of workshop organizer through cash deposit or online banking.
Bank : Maybank
Name : Bridges PR & Events Sdn bhd
Account Number : 5144-4012-1112

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