#Product Review: Ruza Skincare Dollface 3 steps Skincare for Kissable Face

  Hello everyone!

"I'll say she looks as clear as morning roses newly washed with dew" - Shakespeare

Okay I am with my honest review again, well I don't have a perfect skin but I still need to take care of them.
I just received my Ruza Skincare Dollface this Friday after 2nd time the postage delivery attempt to fail because I was not at home. And my father willingly to picked this skincare up for me.

So back to the main story, after received this parcel, I opened the plastic packaging and saw a very pretty well-designed decorative  rose flowers all over the small box packaging. Thumbs up to the designer because created a very feminine gorgeous box !

I read the description, 3-STEPS SKINCARE FOR KISSABLE FACE-  experience the greatness of PROPOLIS.

I've heard many times about Propolis but now Only I get a chance to experience with it. Okay what I know about propolis, it related with Bee wax and something like that.  In the pamphlet description it says here Bee Propolis called as Gold Clue. It is a beauty recipe from Queen Cleopatra.

Propolis is a powerful ingredients  to stay young and beautiful because its high antioxidant and has active agent to prevent acnes and breakouts.

RUZA products are made from naturally derived ingredients and are enriched with impeccable combination of the finest grade of plant and fruit extracts, Nanowhite, Propolis Extract, as well as rich in Vitamins A,C & E to provide face protection and enhancig the hidden beauty.

The front packaging view.
The back Packaging View
Wow see the inside, have 3 items for RUZA skincare box.

Let me tell you what is the function for each item :

•Go with the glow day cream SPF 30 15ml

All day protection with SPF30 makes your skin look energized and firm. This light and non-greasy formula is high in Antioxidant and Sunactin.

•Starbright Night Cream 15 ml

Designed to penetrate for several hours while sleeping. Enriched with Vitamin A,C & E, Propolis, Nanowhite & Dermcom for maximum skin repairing.

•Easy daisy facial Cleaner 40ml

Eliminates dirt, blemish and excess oil especially from make up, moiturises skin and minimises pore with nanowhite and pearl powder.

So as you can see the color of the liquid on my skin.
•The easy daisy facial cleanses is clear white, smell like rose and it's quite melt.
•The star bright night cream is cloudy-white, creamy and smell like don't know how to describe but it has a really great calming scent.
•The day cream go with the glow is a bit clear yellowish  color and I think the scent is kind like the same formula scent for the cleanser and night cream.

My morning face, haha glowing a bit after tried out for the first time of Ruza Skincare.


How do I use this product for facial cleanser
First I gently apply my dollface facial cleanser in a circular motion and then I rinsed really well and pat my face with my favorite kain batik. It is mild enough to use in day and night. Please do not discriminating my chicken pox scars, only 2 months after my varicella viruses okay. Next 1 year my skin will be beautiful until I am 60 ++ if I am "rajin" enough apply RUZA Skincare on my face.

How do I apply the Go with the Glow day cream SPF30 15 ml
After I cleansed my fawce, I applied the cream on my entirely face and neck. It contains sunscreen that shields my dollface against bad UV Rays. I can feel my skin is glowing after the 1st attempt and pores are tightening and it also non-greasy ! But it doesn't cover my chickenpox scars. Might need time for they leave !

How do I apply the Go with the StarBright Night Cream 15 ml
 I massaged my dollface night cream in and upward direction before I sleep so when I wake up my face is fresh renewed skin in the next morning*
Okay to be honest, after I applied this cream on the Friday 11am. I was fall asleep after the Zuhr with the cream on. After I woke before after several hours, my skin feels like wear botox even-though I didn't inject my face at all. Maybe my skin is really tight meh and feel so much firms than before. Haha !

I cannot say so much the benefits of this product after attempt this product for several times only. I have to keep continuing this product for several months to see the effectiveness of the propolis on my skin. But I totally love the scents, the designed and one more NON-GREASY cream at all. and I can feel my skin is really firm until Friday 8pm.
I am impress with the small size quality, easy to bring while on travelling !

One of the advice I found in the box is
Always wash your hands well before touching your face ! ♥

This beauty product has Halal certificate and Muslim-friendly.

Price: RM 75.00 per box well affordable !
You can see Ruza Malaysia Instagram for more testimonials. and see the nearest agents to purchase. You can also check their Facebook:Ruza Malaysia for promotions.(stole from +Naomie .Licouz  information) hehe.

For enquiries :
Ruza Malaysia
do also visit their website : www.ruzamalaysia.com

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