#Product Review : LIMITED EDITION IS AVAILABLE : Sulwhasoo Malaysia - 17th Anniversary Their Best-selling product : First Care Activating Serum

Hi pretty ladies !

Glad to see you guys again for my entry today. It is Saturday, and I'm pretty sure I am out of the deadline. Just received an email from Sulwhasoo about their 17th Anniversary on the Nov17th2014 !
What a coincidence 17 ! It must be their lucky number ! I'm hoping so.

Congratulations again to Sulwhasoo !

Back to the main title. I am excited to tell you guys about their best-selling product :  
First Care Activating Serum.  
I'm gladly to tell you guys that I've tried this serum on the last Sulwhasoo workshop for their Sulwhasoo luminature Essential Finisher.

Okay on my last time I reviewed the Luminature Essential Finisher and the cap has a line texture. But this serum has a plain gold non-texture cap and kinda slippery to hold for a long time. And I think the cap is from plastic but it doesn't matter ! The important is what's in the bottle's tummy.
The weight of the serum's bottle quite heavy to lift on,  

caution : please do not drop the bottle, you might cry if the serum's bottle in scatter.

The pump dispenser is really convenient, easy to handle and you are not gonna waste the serum.
2 pumps already enough for your whole face and neck.

 But totally I forgot to capture the liquid texture, So I googled from other beauty blogger : looknookhook for this serum texture.

Image Source from : looknookhook

Well, all I can say I am pretty impressive when the serum absorbed on my skin really fast and left my skin non-residue at all. The color is clear like water and it is like a gel liquid form and more thicker than water based.

Usually serum is a basic in any skincare regime. But because I only tried it only once during the last workshop, All I can say only one time only. Just a simple result. I might need 1 bottle for myself as soon as possible !
Source : I captured this by snipping tool from Sulwhasoo

About Sulwhasoo(taken from Sulwhasoo information)
Sulwhasoo is Korea’s leading luxury holistic brand that is based on half-a-century growth and
development since the release of “ABC Ginseng Cream” in 1966. 
Sulwhasoo provides holistic
approach to skincare with strong belief in the innate benefits of herbal remedies especially Ginseng
and the ancient wisdom of the harmony.
Combining herbal medicinal traditions with most advanced
technology, Sulwhasoo herbal skincare products stimulate skin metabolism and deliver optimal vitality to the skin. 
As the pioneer herbal skincare brand that started in Korea, Sulwhasoo is now quickly
evolving into global presence as it expands into overseas markets in Hong Kong, U.S., China, and ASEAN.

Enjoy a Boost of First Care Activating Serum For A Limited Time Only!

What I read from the Sulwhasoo Information about their First Care Activating Serum it is a luxury brand, released in 1997, first Korean herbal medicine serum and have 5 components for skin balance which are Nutrition, Clarity, Vitality and regeneration capacity.

The innovative concept is like " Boosting Serum." Apply after cleanse your face. And automatically will change the skincare routine for women.

And I heard that this serum is  so POPULAR DEMAND, and in celebration of the First Care Activating  Serum's 17th anniversary. Sulwhasoo has made their LIMITED EDITION packaging include the sized-up bottle of 120ml in a "Mother-of-pearl" and a special First Care Activating Serum Rotary Candle Set. 
(information from Sulwhasoo)
Since its release in 1997, the First Care Activating Serum has been the best-selling
Sulwhasoo product with a record of 100 billion KRW of sales in 2011. Sulwhasoo has sold
more than 20 million bottles as of January 6, 2014 since its introduction, which equates to a
total 1.632 trillion KRW. The First Care Activating Serum has also earned the nickname ‘The
First Lady’s Serum’ after gaining popularity among the spouses of delegates who attended
the ASEAN Summit Talk, G20 Seoul Summit Talk as well as the G20 Seoul Speakers
Consultation’. The First Care Activating Serum has since become the ‘ideal gift’ at events as
 Source : Sulwhasoo

First Care Activating Serum ‘Mother-of-Pearl’ Limited Edition 120ml
- Available from November 2014 (RM 430)
 Source : Sulwhasoo
First Care Rotary Candle Set – Available from December 2014
- Selling at RM250/set with purchase of any Sulwhasoo products worth RM550
and above.
I am seriously need this ! So luxury meh.

The First Care Activating Serum ‘Mother-of-pearl’ Limited Edition 120ml and 
First Care Rotary Candle Set will be available at all Sulwhasoo Counters in 
Parkson Pavilion KL, Parkson 1 Utama, Parkson KLCC and Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang.

For more information on Sulwhasoo, visit:
Or follow them on Facebook and Instagram: SulwhasooMalaysia

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