#Product Review : Manjakani & Temulawak Powder

Woot Woot ! Hi again Lovelies ! The affordable powder we all should have for Asian skin.
Manjakani & Temulawak Plus. As we know this product is more to traditional herbs.
I bought this at Mydin.. All Mydin have this bumiputra product. range price not more than RM4.

The benefits of Manjakani

Manjakani. Source : google
  • Anti-aging/youthfulness  : Antioxidants, slow down the aging process.
  • Firmer and smoothen the skin
  • Diabetes prevention : Gallic Acid fights over the diabetes and asthma
  • Prevent Breast Cancer and Cervical cancer
  • Anti-odors : The astringent in manjakani is capable to eliminate the bacterias and germs that cause the unpleasant smells in vagina.
  • For Healthy Eyes : Astringent can provide a clear vision and helps to shrinks the tissues of the eye.
  • As a Treatment for Breast.
  • Fights over Oily skin and Dry skin
  • As a food nutrition 
  • Cure internal muscle such as vagina
  • Controlling the liquid of vaginal discharge
  • For oral : The astringent in manjakani helps to maintain the mouth hygiene.
  • As a treatment for chronic ulcer.
  • Strengthen the teeth and rich in calcium
The benefits of temulawak ( ginger )

Temulawak (ginger ) Source : google
  • Fight the digestive disorders
  • Relieve the osteoarthritis
  • Fight cancer
  • Reduce the lymph pain, kidney problem, back-ache
  • Treat asthma
  • Heal the headaches and colds
  • Helps to reduce abdominal pain and menstruation pain
  • Produce more breast milk
  • Relieve the diarrhea
  • Treat the constipation 
  • Appetite enchancer
The view from the front

Benefits of this powder :
Made from Manjakani, temulawak and high-quality herbs to smoothen the skin.

Direction :
Mix the powder with water and apply all over face. Use twice daily.

Ingredients :
  • Excipents
  • Quercus Infectona
  • Curcuma Xanthohiza
  • Cantella Asiatica
  • Curcuma Domestica
  • Fragrance
Note :
Keep in dry and cold.
For external use only.

The power of this powder

Me as the model for chickenpox scar
Okay, if you guys consume this item, why don't you guys share with me the experience, I would like to hear from you guys, Do comments and send me your feedback. 

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