#Event : Bio-essence Tanaka White with Scha Alyahya

Salam and hello gorgeous ! 
Thank you very much for keep visiting my newly beauty product review's blog ! Without your supports I never always been in this good condition ! Last night, It was a blast and a precious moment I ever had with the Bio-essence. I had my private dinner with Scha Alyahya at Delicious Sunway Pyramid. Thank you to #Eh! Malaysia for made this precious moment with her into the reality. I do always visit Scha's instagram and facebook but unbelievable I just met her yesterday face to face ! She is such a sweetheart.  And Not to forget, her daughter such an adorable baby.. Just 2 months old but already became a FAMOUS public figure !

The event was started at 7 pm, but I am a lil bit late because of.....eh..SHH.. but never mind. I still managed to attend to the private event.

Scha Alyahya #ootd was simply amazing and pretty with the white jacket & white long sleeve jeans. Her jacket was decorated with white sparkling diamond.. I guessed. And it's matched with the event theme.
She still looking gorgeous and slim although after her delivery #laraalana. What a fast recovery. Not like me after 2 years delivery I still look so #CHUBBY.

The last night event were continued with a lil chit-chat time with the MC & Scha Alyahya - they were talked about her beauty routine with bio-essence tanaka white. And also a facial demo by Bio-Essence

The food is simply delicious and marvelous. The spaghetti with very fresh prawns is one of my favorite !
Seriously, I feel like I wanna have a plate again next time !

There are so many #Awesome people I've met. Not only Scha Alyahya and her family, I met the medias, the watsons VIP,  some beauty bloggers too such as nomilicouz and Bio-essence's crew & management team. They are such humble persons and I totally cannot stop smiling because of their sweet service ! :)

Okay pretties, let's sneak peek and give yourself a time to look on the pictures I managed to captured yesterday and keep safely in my diary's blog..

The delicious Menu's yesterday event.

The Scha Alyahya's candid photos moment.

Facial DEMO by Bio-Essence.
The FOOD were delicious and tasty.
Me acted like the Bio-Essence Ambassador
Precious moment with Scha Alyahya's family.
Me with my #chickenpox baby Rayyan.
Me with the Bio-essence crews and management.
The medias, guests and the winner of Eh's magazine.
Me #selfie time before head to home.
Me with blogger  Nomilicouz. Credited to her picture.

Me with Scha Alyahya & blogger  Nomilicouz. Credited to her picture.
Bringing home 2 sets, 1 set for me 1 more set for my husband.
Last night's event were simply amazing and happening, met awesome friends, and I also bringing home Bio-essence goodie consists of Tanaka white cleanser, gentle toner,  moisturizer and seru. I've tried those product.. my face feel so smooth and I am hoping they can reduce my chickenpox scars !

I hope Bio-essence will bring me again to another event for their products !

Check my Bio-essence Product review here :

Okay, if you guys consume this item, why don't you guys share with me the experience, I would like to hear from you guys, Do comments and send me your feedback. 

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