#News : Silkygirl-Starz Collection 2 Days 1 Night 5 Stars Hotel with Sharifah Amani

Hello girls !
This was an old News for a long time Ago, like 3 years ago ! I just checked it out from my old friend's of mine in her blog, so I asked her for this paper. Thanks sis Are Miera for keep this old news ! ♥

I was so happy because I met with the person I always watched her on TV - Sharifah Amani. We were the luckiest girls had the best moment with her.

On the 5th March 201, we were gathering at the lobby of grand Dorset Hotel Subang Jaya. We had our lunch with Amanda the ( SilkyGirls Crew Management ). And then we were checked in the executive business room where I had to shared room with Putri Yasmin meanwhile Nuramiera just a person in another room ( so unfair ) Hahaha..

And then we went to the VIP lounge for a hair do at the lobby's hair saloon. The hairstylist suggested me to curl my hair. So I just followed his suggestion. We went back to our room for our makeupdo, while we were styling ourself for the dinner, Sharifah Amani was on the door to surprised us that she's coming to the room. And then we were snapping a lot of photos with her.

We were had our dinner with the medias and Sharifah Amani, The most talkative person is Sharifah Amani, she was telling us her childhood stories and until she was grew up.
After the dinner, I decided to "lepaking" with amiera on the cybercafe lounge provided by the hotel.
Went back to the room, and I went to sleep.

On the tomorrow's morning March 16 2011,
After woke, we were having our breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. An then, we were 'lepaking' near the pool's side, we didn't go for swimming because each of us didn't bring swimming suit, feel a bit awkward if we were swimming with our dresses, haha. And then we were 'lepaking' at the hotel's gymnasium, and I was trying out the treadmill.

We went back to our room to pack all our things because that was a last day for us to staying in the 5stars hotel..we had our lunch at the Miyagi, the japan restaurant located in the hotel, pardon me because I seriously don't remember any of the menus, but at the time we were really fulled like a balloon.

There was a photoshoot session with Sharifah Amani for the P&C The Sun n Harian Metro.
For our last activities. We were enjoying our treatment and massage at the hotel’s Tanjung Wellness Spa. Everyone felt rejuvenated and ready to take on the world after that.
The room for us to stay for 2 days 1 night credited to Nurmiera89
Me with the winner Girls

Sharifah Amani with my xperia 8 phone was stolen 2 years ago.
During our breakfast, not so sure Why I am so fat in this picture haha.

From The Sun Daily, Click more here :
IT was a dream come true for Nurul Amira, 22, Syafiera, 21 and Putri Yasmine, 17, when they emerged the grand prize winners of the Silkygirl STARZ Edt Collection SMS Contest recently. By answering a simple question via SMS and completing a slogan on why they love Silkygirl fragrances, they won a two-day/one-night 5-Star Getaway with their Silkygirl idol. Ten consolation prizes were also given away. As fans of the Silkygirl perfume collection, they received a range of Silkygirl products and a pampering getaway of a lifetime with award-winning actress Sharifah Amani, who is also the face of Silkygirl. While fans of Amani only get to watch her on television or in the cinema, the three girls had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the celebrity.

Taking a break from her hectic schedule, Amani recently spent a blissful weekend with the three winners at the Grand Dorsett Subang Jaya. The girls were pampered to a makeover which included hairstyling done by the hotel’s salon team and make-up by the Silkygirl make-up team. The getaway also included luxurious meals comprising delicious spreads of French and Japanese cuisine. "It is not often that you get to talk and laugh with an actress whom you only get to admire when you watch her films on the television or in the cinema. "Who you see on screen is always with make-up and all dolled up, but being here at this retreat showed how down-to-earth Amani is without all that thick make-up," said Putri.

Amani, who also enjoyed herself during the retreat, even paid surprise visits to the girls’ rooms while they were getting ready for dinner. Imagine your favourite actress sitting by your side while you are getting all dolled up. It was an unbelievable experience. "I expected it to be an intimidating two-day retreat. But Amani kept us entertained and comfortable with her company.

"During our meals, she even shared with us some stories about her childhood days and how she is today learning to produce and direct her own films. "She was like an older sister to us when she shared some advice on grooming, self-esteem and simple tricks on how to live life to the fullest," added Umi.

Besides being treated to a complimentary hairdo and make-up session, the winners were also treated to a full spa and massage session at the hotel’s Tanjung Wellness Spa. Everyone felt rejuvenated and ready to take on the world after that.

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