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Hello Food Lovers!
sorry for the late update about The launched event for Malaysian Chef Norman Musa Culinary Class.
The event was started at 3pm on 30 August 2014. We came kinda late because I attended so many events in the same day but still make it through to Chef Norman's event.

Chef Norman Musa said : "Thank you to everyone who came to the launch today! Alhamdulillah it was a very successful event. Thanks to the team who worked so hard behind the scene to make it happened. I seriously never thought that many would turn up as everyone kept saying that the studio is so far. InsyaAllah I will organise a lot of events in this studio in future with the CELEBRITY CHEFS team that I will be working with. Soon to be revealed!" :)

Chef Norman Musa's facebook source
Chef Norman Musa's facebook source
Check out this amazing food experience offered at the Launching event by Chef Norman's Musa culinary studio, a studio that specializes in experimental design and culinary products.
Called Things of Edible Malaysian Traditional Food Beauty involves taking adding a culinary kick to existing products. For example the studio have created a range of traditional food from Malaysian.

Although the Studio launched the concept at the festival they say this is a platform that will continue to produce products and hold events such as cookery classes.

See more pictures down here :
My Husband, son, Chef Norman Musa and I.
The Products range by Chef Norman Musa

 The decorations
The management crews
The old friends
The guest
The foods & beverages

This culinary studio not only offering the cookery classes but they are also offering the products range by Chef Norman Musa. You can get the handmade chocolate in four flavors such as milk chocolate with pandan, milk chocolate with nutmeg, dark chocolate with coffee & cinnamon and also dark chocolate with star anise. 

Apart of chocolate, This Malaysian Chef also promoting his Premium herbs puree. The gourmet herb purees come in the form of galangal, garlic, Bentong ginger, ginger flower, lemongrass, red chilli, shallots and turmeric. He also offers Curry powders come in two flavors fish and meat/chicken according to his suggested special recipe.

And not to forget to check their latest updates for cookery classes or event at :

Studio Kulinari
Chef Norman Musa
145 Jalan LU2/2
Taman Langat Utama
42700 Bukit Changgang
Banting, Selangor Darul Ehsan
+6011 23448688

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