#Tips : 10 ways to reduce the head-ache without Panadol.

Head-ache or migraine are not a new disease nowadays. There are so many ways to treat the head-ache. It is a common systems that anyone can experience with no matter of age or gender.

Reports found that around 47% of the world's adult population experience the head-ache within last year by The World Health Organization (WHO).

Recently, I am facing the strong head-ache might because of my body in new stage. Pregnant maybe?
Uh-oh. Actually what causes of head-ache? I think there are many factors for it. It can occur in any region of the head; on both sides the head or be isolated to a certain location.

It might take a few hours or several weeks depending on the specific type of head-ache. Tension-type headache is the most common form of primary head-ache.

Other factors:
  • pressure
  • depression 
  • migraine 
  • toothache and jaw bones 
  • high blood pressure 
  • drugs and toxins 
  • stroke 
  • muscle spasms

You might want to read more about the head-ache symptoms :

And now I want to share 10 tips to reduce the head-ache.

  1. You just need to rest. Just close your eyes and try to get enough sleep.
    Reason why, in this new era of technology, many of us including the kids are not able to follow the sleep schedule. We suppose to sleep around 10 pm but do we do that ? Like me an example, I usually read before I sleep and sometimes I'm doing my homework during that time. Now, I'm facing the terrible head-ache. I need to change my lifestyle now !
  2. Try to minimize the stress.
    Yeah, now you never know, I love to go shopping but every time I bought something you will see something extra paid in my receipt ! Seriously almost one item included the GST. I don't have enough budget but still need to pay for it. I am super stress !
  3. Watch what you eat and drink.
    Ah, I always eat anything I see in front of my eyes but I usually stay away from alcohol luckily my religion against the believer to stay away from those harmful chemical including the dangerous of drugs.
  4. Relax.
    Take a deep breath and think about heaven. Fast relieve ! But me It will come back. Sob!
  5. Massage your neck and temples.
    Ah, I think this is work ! Your blood vessels might clog because of the cholesterol ! Massage might the best way for blood circulation.
  6. Sequence with aroma therapy Oil.By applying the aroma therapy oil in a warm condition on the head area, neck and behind the ears are proven to reduce the terrible head-ache.
  7. Stay away from MSG!
    Are you an instant-food lover ? You might want to google more about the ingredients in it and not to forget to google the MSG too. MSG is a monosodium glutamat to increase the taste in any kind of food. It came from from amino acid, or called as glutamate acid existed naturally from any kind of food. I heard that MSG stimulates the neuron and causing the head-ache.
  8. Drink clean water more than 3 liters in a day.
    If you go any beauty center or see the doctor. Their suggestion for the first thing to do is drink more water. If you want to go for more extreme try consume the 100 plus and revive known as electrolyte beverages to promotes fluid and energy in the body.
  9. Put a wet cloth on forehead
    Wet cloth or an icepack can reduce the pain of the head ache. You need to stay relax and lay down on the bed. Put either one on the fore head. This way can shrink the blood vessels and release the stress happening to you on the day.
  10. Apple or apple cider vinegar
    Apples or the apple cider vinegar might work to fight the head ache. The green apple aroma can reduce the head ache. Not only that I heard the apple cider vinegar can bring the balance of the acid and alkaline in the body.
If the tips don't work for you. Immediately see a doctor ! You might need a pain killer if the head-ache still on your head but I heard the drug is not good for your body in the long-term.
I hope you find these tips work for your head-ache problem, Good Luck !

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