Event : Jewellery Making Workshop the basic !

Hello everyone, on the morning last Sunday, I've joined a basic jewellery class by EGS ( Elegant Jewellery Studio ) at KLCC Kinokuniya from 11AM until 2PM. I arrived 30 minutes late due to not stabil condition but I made it ! Yay. I met several people on the day coached by the managing director, Angie and her assistants.


The group photo of the jewellery class students and the coaches.


Mrs Angie was explaining to us how to get a perfect cut for the earring by using a piece of paper before rolling on the T-pin into a circle and question looks to locked the whole beads to stay on the place.

The main item to make the bracelet and necklace Tiger Tail Copper
Market standard size for 
bracelet : 18cm
Necklace : 42 cm

The colorful pearl-alike beads in many type of size and color.


The tools with yellow PVC handle and steel body were used in the jewellery classes
from top : Flat nose pliers, long nose pliers and side cutter.


The jewellery students in different ages were busy doing their design with the beads, 
diamonds and pearls.

Angie said she haven't seen any student did with only diamonds beads instead of the colorful beads,
the reason why I got the idea when I remembered that I will have a maybelline party with the theme of glittery and blink-blink. And I added on several hearts, leaves in silver and diamond beads.

The final look of my bracelet and the earrings, Sidney said so spikey style, and sherry asked sidney not to make mess with me. But I said I am gentle inside. Ha3.

My final jewellery look for necklace, bracelet and earring. The butterfly has taken part in my necklace just to show, I want to be pretty at the same time I want to be free from any suffers.

For those who are interested to join this amazing class ! Don't forget to catch up the dates in the final class for Secret Romance on 21 June 2015 11Am-2pm.

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