#Product Review : Unboxing my secret santa = Nikki Ooi gift REAL TECHNIQUES Duo-fiber Collection Make UP Brushes & Sleek Eyeshadow Macimum impact exchange from Butterfly Project

Hello guys !
Remember my last posted for the XMAS butterfly project ?
Read more here : (http://syafierabeauty.blogspot.com/2014/12/event-christmas-night-to-remember-with.html)

There was a segment for gift exchanged during the last event.
So My secret santa gave me a Makeup brushes as written in my wishlist.

She gave me the REAL Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection which is Limited edition  And Sleek single Eyeshadow in Tangy.

And I'm truly loving it Thanks again Nikki Ooi.
Hoping you get a better prize ! :)

The Make Brushes and Eyeshadow on top of the colorful polka dots box

Me received the gift colorful polka dots

Here is she ! My Team group & my secret santa
for AWESOME The Butterfly Angels : Nikki Ooi


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