#News : What is BlogsRelease?

Hello Bloggers ! Recently I received an e-mail from Blogsrelease Team.

Exactly - to be honest and true, I have no Idea about what is BlogsRelease, I am truly feel dumb and Noob as usual. I didn't discover yet what is BlogsRelease until this morning, I feel like I wanna check out what is BlogsRelease.
So downhere, after I typed the url on the space. This is what came out.

Where bloggers and brands engage.

Blogsrelease claimed they are No #1 INDUSTRY NEWS BOARDS for bloggers worlwide.
Well I think It's kinda same like the others community,etc. 

I snapped this using my snipping tool app, source :http://www.blogsrelease.com/


They said they will give brands/PR/Social agencies the board to share content to relevant bloggers in our own specific categories. Okay like me I have 2 blogs which more to parenting and beauty, so they might take me to the preferred categories and something like that.

BlogsRelease claimed they are likely a press release, focusing on bloggers.
From what I understood - brands feature will release their latest content to inspire us the bloggers to write about the BRANDS benefits and usually I will write honest review okay !
So don't play play with me, because some of the brands only write about their benefits but no Disadvantage. So me as the consumer will never tell LIE ! haha ! So careful with me.

BlogsRelease with proudly said : By using the BlogsRelease Board, brands can rise above all of the online noise created by a confusing web of content distribution and directly reach key blogger ‘voices’ to spread their message.

 Okay I hope BlogsRelease will  fulfilled the promise. 

I snapped this using my snipping tool app, source :http://www.blogsrelease.com/

All you guys need to register/signup on the provide url space, so me as the blogger and I don't have a brand yet, so I will go through my experience by click on the blog signup.

I snapped this using my snipping tool app, source :http://www.blogsrelease.com/
And then just fill on your information in the form on the blank space. Just simple things to do but do make sure read the T&C first to agreed.

And the BlogsRelease has their own batch, so I sticked the batch in my blog as a newbie in the community.

So this is what I think about the BlogsRelease, well as a newbie, I don't really know well about this BlogsRelease so, I'm gonna discover slow-by-blow to be a pro meh in BlogsRelease.

(Some of the informatiion I took from http://www.blogsrelease.com/# because I am not a plagiarist)

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