#Foods & Beverages : #HaiBlogger : We Only serve QUALITY & FRESH variety of foods for your healthy TUMMY at Pak John STEAMBOAT & YONG TAU FOO

Hello FOOD LOVERS ! ( yes I am )
Recently, I mean yesterday I went to PAK JOHN Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo restaurant located at E-curve after done my Masquerade event.

So, My family and I arrived there around 7 pm and I met several People like Mr.Halim the organizer of #HaiBlogger and also one of food blogger Shikin with her future husband.

What you need to know about PAK JOHN Steamboat & YONG TAU FOO?
So, basically the director of Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo is Mr David Chong, I haven't met him yet, well maybe someday. I think it will be my pleasure to meet this successful person and get to know how did he manage until this level. (clap applause)

There are 2 locations you can spend you and your friends time at Pak John Steambot & Yong Tau Foo, one is at Selangor area (E-Curve Mall) and one more at Kuala Lumpur area(Wangsa Walk Mall). And I visited the Pak John Steambot & Yong Tau Foo at E-Curve Mall.

Pak John Steambot & Yong Tau Foo E-Curve has a huge space area around 4700sqft and can load about 260 people at one time ! Not only the space are huge but there are so many benefits you can get if you enjoying your food here and SATISFY face will appear in each person who DINE themselves in this restaurant. ( Okay to be honest I am of of them, seriously I want to eat more but totally loaded up with abalones and ducks ), the entire decoration is simply elegant, comfortable chairs & baby-friendly( they provided baby chairs, so parents don't worry !), The restaurant is clean so you are not gonna piss out okay, no rats !

You are welcome to organize your own events such as :
  • Company Dinner
  • Awards Night
  • Farewell
  • Birthday Party
  • Family Day
  • Seminar
  • Album Launch
  • Media Event & etc.
For QUIET people, Do not WORRY ! There are 2 VIP rooms for you to have PRIVACY atmosphere to eat with your family or friends. If me I am more comfortable with the open area, so I can see people's face & reaction on the food. Haha I am such a stalker, right ?

Other than that ! There are something special in Pak John Steamboat Yong Tau Foo such as One Stop Center for any kind of events with extra service like Photo,Video& Music service will be handle by the media friends from Kelab Komuniti Hai Blogger !


Me in front of the PAK JOHN Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo restaurant. The XMAS is around the corner! Yes, it's next week !  So the E-Curve Mall branch is having their XMAS promotion starting from 15 December 2014 until 1 January 2015 ! (take note everybody)

10 XMAS Buffet Special Menu & 11 XMAS Hot Plate menu plus XMAS Hot Pot Soup - Creamy Butter Broth will give you the best food & unique experiences to the PAK JOHN Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo customers at the XMAS season !

XMAS Buffet Special Menu such as:
  • Baked Potato with Mince Beef
  • Garden Herb PotatoNew Zealand Rib Eye With Black Pepper Sauce
  • Christmas Island
  • Bountiful Hearty Rice
  • Grilled Slice Chicken with Creamy Spaghetti
  • Ramen Vongole Ole
  • Seafood Bread Loaf
  • Grill Sutchi Fillet
  • Black Tangerine Chicken
Xmas Hot Pot
  • Creamy Butter Broth
XMAS Hot Plate
  • Coffee Beef
  • Tangerine Beef
  • Black Pepper Beef
  • Sweet Soya Beef
  • Coffee Beef 
  • Tangerine Chicken
  • Black Pepper Chicken
  • Ginger chicken
  • Sweet Soya Chicken
  • Lemongrass Chicken
  • Spicy Fish Fillet

Other than that - PAK JOHN Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo also serves 100 types variety of vegetables, fresh meat, seafood, steamboat items, desserts, 4 premium items, dim sum, Ice Cream and etc. Those you can try without any limitations !

Price for each one person for the whole XMAS season 2014 promotion


The price will be back NORMAL if no more XMAS.

RM36++ (on the weekdays) RM39++ (on the weekend)

And the special is PAK JOHN Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo will be serve with the Acoustic Musics.


Well as described in the picture portrait on the wall, congrats to PAK JOHN Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo for giving us thus freshness & tastefulness but I'm hoping that all the fishes will be freshly maintain like Salmon shall look fresh and red( seems like I want to eat raw like sushi, haha)

In PAK JOHN Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo, there are 5 variety of soups you can choose, last time I picked Miso soup as my main soup to boiled the fresh meat and etc. You can have yourself with Beef Bone Pepper Soup, Tom Yam Soup, Curry Soup and Chicken Soup. ( Enjoy la ! What else ! )


From left : Australia Beef Slices, New Zealand Lamb Slices, Smoked Abalone Slices, Smoked Duck Breast Slices, Salmon & Dori fish( the white one ) haha really ?
Some them I grilled and boiled but the elasticity of the abalone remains the same ! Like eating chewing-GUM ! So enjoy chewing !

See, there are so many variety of fresh food ! I cannot pick all of them but I want to try all of them but my stomach is small, I might Blow up, so I took wisely so I can prevent wastefulness ! Don't be GREED even though you can !

Not only fresh meat, beef and seafood, PAK JOHN Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo also providing many types of vegetables for vege-lovers ! Hey I am also love veges especially the Black mushroom, same like having the abalone ! CHEWING exercise on face Okay ! Haha.

Pick wisely guys, don't be greed, prevent the wastefulness Okay! (2nd reminder)

So, I'm showing you guys the Australia Beef Slices and How I grilled them on the below picture.

For those who likes the prepared meals, so here are they ! The XMAS Buffet Special Menu.

Well like me I prefer the XMAS Hot Plate because I am a cooker (haha) and I am comfortable with it.

Not only fresh food but the sauces also you can get in variety types !
From top left : Sweet Chili, Garlic Chili, Pineapple Sauce, Margaerine(not included), Spicy Budu, Belacan, Sweet Sauce & Thai Green Chili.

Okay Spicy Budu, belacan & Garlic Chili are common for me, but the pineapple sauce is my 1st time ! Taste sweet and juicy and I am absolutely fall in Love how they blended well with other ingredients to make this pineapple sauce, abalone & salmon will be great if you eat with this pineapple sauce.

To make your stomach feel more full - let's taste out the Ice Dessert Potong, Original Home Made Flavor + Rich & Creamy ! Absolutely delicious and Not to worry 100% with Halal Jakim. All the taste seems like traditional memory will came out from your brain. I feel like want to balik kampung makan durian meh. haha ! In the Ice Cream freezer there are 5 flavors you can get such as Red bean, jagung, durian and lemon. Slurp ~ YUms ! ;)

There are so many food in 1 Kitchen, TOO BAD I didn't grab the DIM SUM ! So I cannot review how tasteful are they, I love Dim SUM but next time I come back for them, wait yah !

Because we live in a small country full of many races and religions, all the tools are available not matter what races are you. Chopsticks, Spoon & Fork, Your own fingers? Just  GO ON and try them out !
 Don't shy-shy* until when we should  live under the tempurung, haha, this is the time to learn some other tools for food in our daily life.

For beverages? PAK JOHN Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo Providing Hot & Cold Drinks, Hot Tea, Juices and Coffees ! All in there, pick guys ! And I tried the mango and orange juices. So refreshing !

One more thing before you want to eat all the food in
PAK JOHN Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo or any restaurant including your home, make sure eat some fruits to prevent diarrhea(as suggested by doctor) ,
haha Eat la some watermelon for your tummy first Okay !
 There is a big machine chiller filled in with fruits you can get in  PAK JOHN Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo Restaurant.

Restaurant Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo
Wangsa Walk Mall
Lot GL-02 & FL-02,Wangsa Walk Mall,
Wangsa Avenue,
No.9,Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1,
Bandar Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-4141 8898

Restaurant Pak John Steamboat & BBQ eCurve
Lot LG-13A & LG-15,
Lower Ground Floor,eCurve
No.2A,Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7733 3913
More details:
Website: www.pakjohn.com
Facebook : Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo

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