#DIY : How to repair Broken Eyeshadow

Hello everyone !
I'm back with my #DIY segment.
So, recently I just received my parcel for eyeshadow palette.
The packaging was so good with the bubbles wrap protection.
Well you know I don't know  how the delivery was handle for this.
So when I opened the packaging, luckily only 2 were broken.

So I decided to fix them by myself.
Well, after Christine White Suggested me to follow these simple steps :

I did try by my own.
But the main fixer is like alcohol things, I don't have it.
(Actually you can get the alcohol in your makeup ingredient). heh.

So I decided to use the facial-re-hydrating mist from benefit.
Well, I think it worked for the broken eyeshadow. hehe.

Luckily only 2 were broken.

Things to use?
What I used ?
  • Any kind of alcohol Liquid might the best ( Me used the facial-re-hydrating mist from benefit )
  • Spoon ( I used the bottom part ), you can use small tools.
  • Any type of cloth ( I used my son's napkin cloth) haha.

Step 1 : Because those eyeshadow already broken, so I crushed them again until they became dusts.
Step 2 : The mist is in spray type, so I sprayed 1 pump in the cap ( liquid should not be over than )
Step 3 : I poured the liquid on the eyeshadow until they became wet.
Step 4 : And then, I wet the napkin cloth, and pressed the eyeshadow until they became plain-flat.

I let them dry and cleaned the remaining dusts on the palette.

Tadaa ! No more cracks ! The colors are still pigmented - Good Luck Guys !

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