Syafiera wrote : I am a not a house wife but I prefer as a Home Maker A.K.A Domestic Engineer.

Women today are very sophisticated.
They work , they have children , almost all jobs in the world is filled with women.

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Me and my 2 years old son
Like - me I am a married woman and a mother of a 2 years old son.
I don't work with people, I work at home, because my husband wants me to take care of my child until he can be independent.

Before I was pregnant, I was working as a graphic designer and as an advertiser. And then I decided to quit because I was pregnant.

Some of my relatives think that I am wasting my time as a housewife and ending my entire life with taking care a child. They said I should gain money( kerja at the office maybe making kertas kerja) before my marriage, and some of them said I cannot wait to have fun for (spouse relationship) that's why I am married earlier.

So do you guys expecting I will get marry when I am 30 ?
How can you being so naive. I am absolutely happy with my life and having a kid that exactly accompany me when I am alone while waiting my husband to get home.

What I do at home not only "goyang kaki" Okay.
I become a chef, I become a teacher, I become an artist, I become a photographer, I become a blog writer and many things I can do without being forced, dictated and unlimited time.

What others housewife think of themself? (information taken from I want to be a housewife)
Housewife here: don't let undersexed career women lie to you- they're jealous.
I also, have a college degree. Its now my hobby. My main concern is my husband and children- and they are happier and healthier for it. And quite frankly, so am I.
I have time to cook dinner, clean the house, bake cookies, work out and keep myself looking like a million bucks-
I am a housewife. It isn't impossible in our economy. We are far from rich and we do have to make sacrifices for me to stay home and homeschool, but it is worth it. People looking in might say we are "poor" but we have a good, simple, respectable life. Just find a man with as much desire to be a sole provider and patriarch as you have to be a housewife and you are good to go.

Housewife isn't a dirty word. I love being one. It is very challenging and fulfilling.
If you want to be a housewife, be honest and find a man that wants that also. Don't let other people bring you down with forced gender roles. Now go forth and be happy. :)
But also realize it's not economically feasable for most families to have a non-working spouse these days.

I always preferred the term "homemaker" over "housewife". The latter bears a connotation that described a particular problem that the majority of our society has progressed past.

But What happens for today's Economy?( information taken from (Stay at home))
Most men cannot support a stay-at-home wife in today's economy. Of those who can, not many understand, agree with, and support your ambition.
The rare man who fits your target window has a lot of women to choose from. You need to be thinking to the next step beyond what you want: you need to be asking yourself why the man you want, would want you.
Cultivate your domestic skills, your looks, your demeanor. Practice biting your tongue when your impulse is to argue. Train yourself in anticipatory service. Learn the things that will set you apart from your competition.

Domestic Engineer( information taken from google and wikipedia (Stay at home))
A fictional occupation.

A person who has no occupation other than housework, yet still wants to appear to be useful, may decide to refer to herself/himself as a "domestic engineer". Such people are also overheard referring to themselves as "professionals" etc.

However official the title "domestic engineer" may sound, there is no engineering involved, and there is no formal education required to obtain this title. Actual Engineer: What is y
Domestic Engineer: I'm a domestic engineer, and I have an associate's degree in liberal arts.
Actual Engineer: So you're unemployed and you're not an engineer.
Domestic Engineer: I am an engineer because I know how to keep house clean and do all the works in the house and might taking care your children. What about you? who will take care of your child when you are away to go to work ?
our occupation? Do you have a degree?

Domestic engineer, household CEO and director of child development are just a handful of clever job titles used to describe the work performed by the typical stay-at-home mom. While staying home to raise the kids can be a rewarding experience, it does require a lot of work. In fact, moms juggle so many daily tasks that estimates that if moms were monetarily compensated they'd earn almost $61,500 a year. As with any position, the essential tasks and responsibilities can be summarized in a job description.

So, this is the reason I want to be a housewife a.k.a Domestic engineer.
I want to take care of my child until he knows the situation where he can report me if the the nany scold or beat him while I am on work maybe someday.
I want my kid knows how to have their nutritious meals instead of having the junk food while I am away for work.

But most people said in this economy high living cost is impossible. I might be on work in the future to help my husband to pay the house loan and my PTPTN loan and TAXES too. I wish I can get a proper career instead being an unemployed woman. But right now I am happy become A Home maker or as known as a Domestic Engineer.

Your sincerely,
Syafiera wants to be a millionaire domestic engineer

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