#Product Review : L'OCCITANE Luxuriously Divine

Hi L'OCCITANE lovers !!

I just redeemed my sampling kit and have tried all the samples. First at all I would like to thanks to the L'OCCITANE because giving us the opportunity to try the samples in such exclusive sample packaging. Redeemed My L'OCCITANE at Paviilion store. The promoter is really nice and really good in served the customers even though I didn't buy anything from the store. Because some of the promoter always pushing us to buy not to promoting the benefits of the products.

Divine Youth Oil

I tried Divine Youth Oil, because L'oocitane claimed that this oil helps to fight the visible signs of aging. Well keep maintaining the firm skin and plumped from within. Tested under dermatological supervision and non comedogonic. The bottle is quite bee-yellowish, maybe the bottle made from glass, just don't drop it. Take care of the pretty bottle.

The Oil liquid is like clear white or transparent watery oil, fast absorbs and nice scent smell. My skin feel so smooth and (oily within 30 seconds) after massage well on my skin.

Myskin feels kinda firms and the fine wrinkles are about to dissapear while the oil on top of my skin.


Divine Cream

Divine Cream jar is really cute tho. Still made in glass maybe. The same color range. This cream is kinda thick white color lotion. Easy to apply and fast absorb onto skin. And left my skin well-hydrated. It has a nice scents too.

To be honest to be true I love all the ingredients, packaging and the formula. But the price is kinda creepy for the oil ! But you can go with them if you are afforable enough to have this high quality range product for your skin! Remember you only have 1 body with changeable skin ! Haha

Product Info
Price -
Divine Youth Oil : 30ml  RM469.00
Divine Lotion : 200ml RM196.00
Divine Extract :30ml RM458.00
Divine Eyes : 15ml RM268.00
Divine Cream : 50ml RM469.00
Rating : 5/5 Stars 

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