#Product Review : Chanel LE LIFT

Smart Technology. Targeted Lifting. 

Because every woman wears her age differently, Chanel introduces a new era of smart skincare customized to each woman’s unique needs, lifestyle and life story. Intuitive anti-aging technology adapts to your skin to deliver targeted lifting action for the look of optimal firmness.

LE LIFT Firming - Anti-Wrinkle Cream comes in three textures, from light to rich, to meet the needs of every preference and lifestyle.

. An airy, oil-free formula - the lightest of the three - that instantly blends into skin.

CRÈME. A soft, creamy texture that feels lightweight and comfortable.

. A rich, nourishing cream that envelops skin in velvety-smooth softness.

Some of the information I took from http://www.chanel.com/#

Hello Chanel lovers ! Wee thank you for visiting me again. So today I was doing a review on very expensive cream ( not sure for rich loaded people like Paris Hilton ) but for me yeah so pricey, but let's take a visit before you say so.

 How I wish I can get this in full set But I just redeemed the trial sample set.

Look at those elegant black on the box squares packaging. Wow so tempting !

Okay I got mine the mini sample, at least I can feel the texture + the smell and + the creamy liquid, Aww..

Well, I just recovered from #chickenpox, As a 24 young female, actually my skin still don't need these cream but to prevent the aging I can start to use these creams now.

The cream really soften and smothen my skin as you can see on those pictures - my hand's skin looking really moisture and so hydrating.

Product Info
Name : Chanel LE LIFT Skincare Brand 
Price -
Le lift Serum : RM470
Le Lift Eye Cream : RM305
Le Lift Cream : RM430
( I referred the Price at Chanel Aeon Mid Valley) Affordable for loaded people.
Rating : 4.1/5 Stars

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