#Product Review : Beauty Access to Smoke It eyes with BOBBI BROWN (featuring the latest Smokey Nudes Eyes palette)

Hello Bobbi Brown Lovers !!
Here is my updates about my recently walked in to a makeup boutique the Bobbi Brown at Mid Valley.
Went there on the last Saturday at 12pm, booked before our lesson starts. Met another beauty blogger Jannah. And we were reviewing the latest Bobbi Brown Smoky Nudes Collection for Fall 2014. Of course, we were trying on the Smoky Nudes Eye Palette - that consists of 8 shades of neutral eyeshadows in mattes, shimmers and glitters.

Thank you to Bobbi Brown because giving me and another beauty bloggers the opportunity to learn how to Glam our eyes for the Bollywood celebration. This is a really Pretty powerful look for this Diwali with the sexiest smokey Eyes.

I booked for 3 persons, myself, Jannah and Naomie, but Naomie came late - so me and jannah were go on first. 

Credited to : Bobbi Brown Malaysia Facebook
Credited to : Bobbi Brown Malaysia Facebook
I am seriously almost crying when I saw the Smoky Nudes Eye Palette with very glamorous packaging and well I think it's really convenient to bring anywhere+anytime because trust me the small box won't distracted your bag's space. 8 shades in a small box but you don't need to use the 8 shades, just 3 shades only for your eyes for looking super glam.


Down here are the Bobbi Brown beauty products for me to try on to access the Smokey eyes -
well ! - of course with the latest Smokey Nudes eyes palette, Concealer, eye cream and mascara.

It is a kind a mini of eye shadow+brush completes with the sleek mirrored compact to me, small but powerful dramatic effect. All of the shades are pigmented except for some of the mattes. 
Some of the shades when I swatched on my skin - all I can say I am not really impressed with the mattes. But seems magically when I sweeped on my top eyelids, the shades appeared !

Actually when I came to the Bobbi Brown Boutique, I already have my makeup ON but my makeup almost fade off, so I decided to enhance back my makeup look and my eyes with the bobbi brown beauty products.

What I do? I tried all the products that I consented.
I was trying the Bobbi Brown Concealer to cover my chicken pox scars. I got the wrong steps for it. But with the helps from Bobbi Brown make up artist, now I knew how to cover the scars.

And then, I touched up my eyes with the  Bobbi Brown Smoky Nudes started from the very light shades to a bit darker shades.

The sweetest MUA I have ever met so far - Miss Yinq Huaa! She did the make up lessons on Jannah's eyes. And then I followed her steps on my own eyes. Well I didn't get a really perfect done for the smokey eyes but OKAY la !

Like Jannah said, she is really comfortable with Miss Yinq Huaa, so do I! She has shared a lot of great make up tips to us. I hope when I go to Bobbi Brown boutique next time- I want Miss Yinq Huaa serve me ! ;)

Me with Miss Yinq Huaa
Our Final looks, Me and Jannah for Diwali
So I am ready for my Diwali Celebration
I recommend you guys to visit Bobbi Brown at Mid Valley
Last not least I brought home the Bobbi Brown's mini mascara & mini lip gloss

Product Info
Name : Smokey Nudes Eyes palette
Brand : Bobbi Brown
Weight: 10.8g / 38 oz
Long-lasting : up to 8 hours
Price : RM 245 ( super pricey for me but if you want super quality you can have this )
Store : Bobbi Brown Make Up Boutique/ Sephora
Rating : 5/5 Stars

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