#News : When a 10 years old boy murdered a 90 years old nanny, tragic or the world is going to have more crazier people ?

When I was scrolling my facebook newsfeed to look forward the events and products to review. There was a news that disturbing me a bit. Head-ached and me started to cry.

Usually I heard the adults who like to kill the children but now it is a vice versa. Tristen Kurilla, of Damascus Township, Pennsylvania, was visiting his grandfather when he reportedly tried to ask the elderly woman a question. When she yelled at him and told him to leave, he allegedly lost his temper and beat her to death.

I never expected a boy has strong energy to murdered an elderly woman. What was on his mind ? Lost-tempered during the childhood ? I bet he has a problem issues with his family or he might have watched too many extreme videos like WWE or the ISIS videos or the war videos.

The darkness on his face.
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Kurilla, who will be charged as an adult, was reportedly visiting his grandfather, who was the caretaker of the 90-year-old victim, Helen Novak. When Kurilla entered her room to ask her a question, she wasn't in the mood and apparently yelled at him.

While most 10-year-olds would take this in stride (hey, aren't all old ladies cranky?), Kurilla reportedly did anything but. Police say he confessed to picking up the woman's cane and hooking it around her and pressing on her neck. He then allegedly punched her several times in the throat and stomach.

Unfathomable. By the time you make it to 90 years old, you are pretty well assured of a natural death. But not this poor woman.

Sadly, it was reportedly the child's mother who was tasked with telling police what had happened. Now she is looking at her child spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Tristen reportedly told police that he wasn't trying to kill the woman -- only "hurt" her. Which is bad enough!

It's hard to conceive of a child this young committing such a gruesome crime. We've heard of it, but it's so rare. Should this child be charged as an adult? That's a complex topic and each case should be looked at independently. But society seems to be waking up to the idea that children can be psychopaths too -- and that perhaps they are impossible to rehab.

On the other hand, there are definitely cases of children who have committed horrible crimes and have served their time and gone on to live regular, crime-free lives during their adulthood.

Either way, the idea of a child killing an elderly woman -- it's just ghastly and makes you want to cry.

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