#Health & Disease : Cancer Awareness Advertisement that will touch your heart

Hello gorgeous ladies ! Today I was scrolling my newsfeed in facebook and I found a very touched message from #CosmopolitanMalaysia. Not all ads only focus on their products - but there are also ads support an awareness campaign with full of creativity.

I do not have cancer but who knows whats going on the future, I'm hoping that I am not one of the cancer's patient. We are the healthy-person must must must help these persons. We should encourage them to stay happy and do always think positive no matter what.

Well, that's easy for me to advice because I am not one of the cancer's patient.. but I am really hoping that they can share their stories to us so we don't forget every person has their own own ailment..

A subway in Sweden recently received lot of  attentions for spreading the childhood cancer awareness.
The story of the Ads -a teenager girl's hair was blowing away by the wind every time the train pass by. She was looking very beautiful with the hair but the ending full of consciousness. Where her hair was uprooted and she became bald. This ads has became an inspiration to another advertising companies to display more fantastic and creative advertisement.
Congratulations on Garbergs advertising agencies ! Apparently they created this ad for FREE !
Original Article : Ads of the world
The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation: Hair-raising message

Advertising Agency: Garbergs, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Petter Ödéen
Art Director: Sebastian Smedberg
Copywriter: Sedir Ajeenah
Photographer: Daniel Griffel
Account manager: Ida Tenggren
Digital director: Micke Ring
Published: October 2014
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