#Travel : Hot Spring Sungai Serai, Mukim Hulu Langat.

Have you treat yourself in hot spring ?
Yes I did, this time is the second time, my 1st time was at Hot spring in Sabah.

The reason why I went here because Of my chickenpox stories again.
You guys can read here:
I went to there to treated my whole body and wanted to release the stress during my recovery..
When I was in the hot spring pool, I felt the calmness and my feet felt so smooth..

Look what I found here.
This hot spring is not far from Kuala Lumpur. If you by a car, you will get there about 30 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur. This hotspring located at Batu 11, Hulu Langat near with a mosque named Masjid Ehsan ON YOUR RIGHT.
The water is quite hot but once you get you don't feel like wanna go out.
If you don't see the mosque, better ask the people around you.
If you to go to this hotspring, please don't drive in speedy, I'm afraid you might miss the the hotspring because the sign board quite small and hard to see.

This pool open from 8 AM until 10PM.

If you want to soak your body in this hotspring, like in Korean and Japanese movie.
I suggested you soak yourself during the night because in the noon the water quite hot, might afraid your body will become like chicken soup. Hahah.. jokes*

You can only soak yourself in the hot spring otherwise you can bring your own bucket and bidet.

If you want to come here,
the entrance fee is RM1 and the car park also RM1.
Only 1 toilet provided.
You are welcome to come here but do keep clean the place.
That's all.


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